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    Movie remake from one language to another

    Are you for or against re-makes of earlier films? Join in this debate.

    My thoughts on remake movies is that it is a total waste. OTT platforms are available all over the world and everyone gets to watch the original movie itself. Moreover, the content is distorted and the originality is lost.

    Avoid remakes, make original contents.
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    I am also at the loss to understand the motto behind making movies imported from other languages and the remake is not received by the audience as the characters are changed and original sheen of first movie is lost. Moreover I am also against the dubbing movies imported from other languages. The dubbing voices cannot match the original voice and thus lose. For example Vadivel comedian from Tamil has the hard voice and if the same movie needs to be dubbed in Telugu, the voice of Brahmanandam is used which does not sync and the movie goers does not make it success. Therefore my vote is for original only. Now a days even the religious serials which were earlier appeared only in Hindi are now being dubbed in Telugu and Tamil and the language and editing goes horrible as we have already seen original version,
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I like to watch south movies, so for me, it's not a bad idea of dubbing these movies.
    Dubbing is not so a bad thing as many people in India like to watch movies from different areas and most of them like to watch in the Hindi language.
    Movies which used the English language should not be dubbed as English is a common language which can be understood by most of the population but if talk about India there are 22 languages mentioned in the constitution only and we can not learn all languages so I don't think there would be any issue in dubbing
    I know the quality of voice and sometimes some script also changed in dubbing movie but still, people like to watch these movies for their entertainment

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Dubbing is different and remaking is different. Dubbing movie means the movie will not be shoot again. But only the conversations will be dubbed in the local language and these dialogues will be joined with the movie.
    But remakes are like taking a new movie. Actors may be the same or different. Actions and dialogues will be fresh and like a new movie only.
    In my opinion, remaking is not required. The original movie only with dialogues in the local language is a good option. Unless we understand the dialogues we can't enjoy the movie properly. So seeing a movie with a local language dialogues is good.
    But many cinemas which are remade are hits in almost all the languages. Many movies of Amitabh were remade in Telugu with Telugu heroes in his place and many of them are super hits only.

    always confident

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    There is no point in going for remake of movies but why some producers are doing it is not very clear to me. One thing that can be comprehended is that may be as the movie story and other things are hit somewhere in some language the producers want to test their luck in the same slot.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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