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    Why this confusion while taking some decisions?

    Many a time in our life, we get confused while taking any decision, particularly when we have two or more options in which one would be good for us and the others may also be good or bad about which we are not sure. People say that before taking any decision one should analysis how would your mind react once this decision would be implemented. But it is not so simple. Taking a decision regarding our career could be simple as we know about our likes and dislikes and so can make a plan for our future easily. Still it becomes a big problem today as there are so many options for making a bright career as per our interest and one may be confused to choose from one of them.
    We can be confused confused even while shopping or dealing with someone or planning our tasks etc. It may be good to take advise from others in such situations but then what to do if even after taking advice one is still confused?

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    Everything has many options and to choose out the best is always not possible but we should always try to opt for the best.

    That's the right one cannot find the best option unless he/she analyses the things. Yes sometimes after deep analysis we could not choose the best option. In such case we should analyse where we went wrong and should try to change it or live with it by giving our best.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    True. Sometimes taking an important decision will be an issue and there may be a confusion also while taking the decision. So we should be clear in mind and we should think in all directions and zero upon a decision. Once we take that decision we should implement and we should not look back.
    During my PhD, many people were telling me that I should go for a lecturer post. But my interest is different. But I heard all the opinions. I reserved my decision. Meanwhile, my PhD guide talked to a college and they are ready to offer me a tutor position. But I told that I was not interested in teaching job and I told him that I will join in an Industry. He tried to convince me but I stood on my decision. After 25 years I met my PhD guide and he appreciated for my progress in my career and he said the decision I took is the best decision regarding my career.

    So think and take a decision but never look back. No confusion in decision making.

    always confident

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    I am always intrigued by this. So many options and we have to take a decision. If someone else in the family takes a decision, I am at ease, as the responsibility would be his if things do not go in the desired direction.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Decision making is the most crucial thing in our lives. In our childhood we are carefree because our parents have to take decisions about our lives. Which school we have to get admission, which tutor will come to teach us, which dress we have to wear, what time we have to take food etc. Once we grow up and start taking our own decisions then the parents go in the background in an advisory capacity. Then the real confusion starts. Many times whatever decision we take it seems to go in wrong and dead alleys. Then we become desperate and start cursing our fate. Life becomes a challenge and depressive tendencies set in sometimes leading to suicidal thoughts.

    Actually, we have some wrong concepts in our minds that a good decision is what gives us good result. It is not so. We have to take a prudent decision but the result is not in our hand. There are many factors which affect it. Some times we take wrong decisions also. Like some students study with guess papers and then complain that their result was not good. Confusion would always be there while taking a decision but one cannot delay it for long as that would be more harmful. So, good decision taking comes with experience and experience comes when you take some wrong decisions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As far as possible the decision making should be in our hands and we should not depend on others to have a say on our life and our career. As far as life decisions are concerned it is to be taken on our own. But when it comes to career options, we may not have the experience and thus have to believe the suggestions from others. Here also we can be rely on our own consciousness as after completing the 10th class we might have an idea about what should be our future program and aims and thus we must chose such subjects in the Intermediate course and move furthers. And too many suggestions will also spoil our further thinking process. Parents are the real consulting persons because they are going to sponsor your higher education and the know your progress and weakness and accordingly their advice as to be considered.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree that sometimes we find ourselves in dilemma when we have to take a decision pertaining to any important issue, especially in a critical situation where everything of ourselves is at stake and any wrong decision will propel us into big trouble.

    This is rather a precarious situation wherein our mind gets sandwiched between several alternatives but whatever situation is we must never be at our wits' end. However, we should not hesitate to take suggestions of the most suitable person as well. We should not depend on our own volition.

    As far as decision about career is concerned we should not forget our parents what they want to see us in future.

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