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    Have you ever tried putting an infant to sleep on your shoulder?

    Getting into the understanding level of the infants at the age of 6 months and more is difficult as they can judge the comfort zones in the arms of many who may cuddle and enjoy their cuteness by carrying in the arms and go through the innocent behaviour of the little child. Some infants would not stay for a long time with others as they would feel uncomfortable. But they do sleep within no time in the lap or the shoulder of whom they feel most secured and comfortable. I am not asking about one's own child with whom the experience may be different. I had the privilege of making many infants sleep on my shoulder. What is your experience with this?
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    I don't have that experience. Once or twice it might have happened with my granddaughter otherwise I don't have the habit of taking the small kids into my arms. Just I will keep the kid in my lap for a few minutes and handover back to another person.
    Some people will have that talent. More than gents. ladies will be able to manage infants better. My wife is an expert in that. If an infant is weeping or feeling sleepy, she knows how to manage the kid. Within no time she can make the infant sleep or stop crying. When the baby is in a good mood we can play with them. But when they are not in a good mood. managing them is difficult.

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    I have put my nephew and niece on my shoulder several times, this time my sister in law was feeling weak as she just came to home from the hospital so It was me to sleep with her at night and approximately 4 months I used to put my niece on my shoulder even she recognized my arms many times and when I take her into my harms she used to keep watching quietly here and there. But after some time she recognized her mother very well so sometimes my shoulder was not enough for her, but she is my angel forever. Now she is in class 2nd and now she mostly sleeps with me only. So my experience with this was great because I got these changes two times in my life till now to keep the infant in arms and put them on the shoulder.
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    Firstly, one should know the niche of holding a baby in hand. Many babies won't feel comfortable on others lap or hand or shoulder. I did not have the opportunity to hold my infant daughter and son on my shoulders as I was away from home during their birth. But I had the opportunity to make them sleep by singing songs. My children still know the song that I sang during their childhood. Even at this age, they ask me to sing it for them. I oblige them.

    Children would like their hair to be combed by our fingers. They derive pleasure out of it. And also pat them lightly. They go to sleep immediately. This is the magic that I play with babies.

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    Infants find the shoulder of elders as the best place to sleep as they get the warmth of the body of the elder to the full extent. What can be better than the cosy triangle between the hands and the shoulder of an elder for sleeping for a baby. I had my first such experience with one of my younger brothers as he was born about 13 years later than me. As my mother was admitted in hospital and father went to his duties, many times I had to pick him like that and he enjoyed my shoulder much. It feels so nice in holding these babies near to one's chest. It is something of a very special feeling that one can only have when one holds them like that.
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    Infants have to be handled carefully, at the tender age. Putting them to sleep is really a difficult task. They usually sleep once their stomach is full and silence is the key. Warmthness, above all free from insects like mosquitoes or houseflies will give them a sound sleep.
    I had carried my friend's child and she fell asleep soon but our journey continued for about two hours. The child slept without getting distracted on my shoulders. Those days the bus stops had to connectivity to the interior localities, hence we had to take a walk.

    I had the opportunity to manage four to five infants below one year at an early age itself. These infants were either my friend's or my relatives'.

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    I had good experience. Some of my cousins are ten or fifteen years younger. So being elder many times i had to care and carry them on my shoulders to sleep. As I wa taller than my auntes manytimes I was to carry the children when travelling or have to walk for some time.
    Thus I had learned a few lullabies and know the rhythm and tune to make children sleep.

    This came to my help when my son was born.

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    I have experienced carrying infants on my shoulder and putting them to sleep. After the delivery of my nieces and nephews, They would be in the house where we would try to make them sleep and carrying small children and watching their cute face is something that looks and feels loving. I was fortunate to carry them on my shoulder when they were small say of 3-6 months old and I would make them sleep. Though it is tough to carry small infants as we have to keep the balance of their neck and body I was able to manage them properly. It feels really good to handle small, innocent and cute babies in your arm or shoulder, play with them and make them go to sleep by patting their back or singing lullabies. I would even fight with my sister to allow me to carry and after arguments, they would allow me and many a time, I have made them go to sleep on my shoulder.
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    My last brother, who resides with me was blessed with a baby child in 2010. This child become very fond to us as my third brother got a child before 14 years. I, my wife and my father do not leave the child in ground with love. It was with me rather than with her parents. Many times it slept on my shoulders only till first her year.

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    Apart from the family children, as the author has asked , as with family children we do share a different bond and it's really easy to embrace them and make them sleep.
    I would speak only a single statement on this raised thread that- any child I lift in my hand and cuddle after embracing to my shoulder, he/ she sleeps within five minutes. Even if I try to play with the child, the infant yawns and sleeps as soon as I pick him.
    And this experience I share with every child I had picked up so far whether known or semi known. Hence, to play with them I have to make them sit in front of me.

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