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    Why many people are self centered?

    Many people I am seeing around that they are almost self centered.
    They want the others should attend them only and no diversions should be there.
    I am seeing many people came and boarding in the bus at the bus stand and ask the other,'When this bus will go?' Till the driver come and start the bus he got tension which is very difficult to explain. He think that the bus should get started immediately as he board in.
    Yesterday, I was waiting at the entrance of the house to get the newspaper as it was raining and the paper should not get wet on his throw. By my side my neighbor also was waiting for the same. The paper boy went to the other end of the street and the boy made little late to come as gone to some houses in the near flat. This man got tension and told me why that boy making so late and commented that as always that boy come late and chanting with house persons. When he come to us, he told that he was held up in that house that they are giving cash for paper.
    Similarly when we go to bank we do not have patience to wait in the queue and comments that the counter man/lady doing always late to transact with the customers.
    One day an urgent call came from cousin brother's wife that her husband got admitted in hospital and as nobody was there to help her he asked me to come over there. When I approached my officer for leave, though he is my distance relative and I have helped him when he fell sick, asked me why I should help them whether there was anybody to help them.. so, so, he was asking questions before granting leave.
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    Many people these days think from their side only. But never think from the other side. They will get impatient very fast. The paperboy has to give newspaper in many houses. There may be a chance for getting delayed due to some problems or others. Intentionally he will not delay it as it is better if he finishes his work early. So we should not think bad about the other person.
    I also come across such people. They think they are the people who require all the help from everybody but they never come forward for any help. That speaks about the attitude of the person. It is good if a person can think about others from their point of view.

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    Yes I also know some people who always want to be the point of attraction everywhere, hey just want whatever they say everyone should give attention to the first, and when someone did not pay attention to them then they would take it as an insult. It is very good to be self-centered in some manner but it becomes a problem for anyone if it connected with self-respect. I believe that when some person feel that they have many good qualities which will not be found in anyone else then these type of people sometimes be overconfident to be the first and to be correct always ..this kind of mentality becomes to be self-centered as they were always but if someone ignores that kind of people or do not give enough preference they feel insulted.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Yes, we may come across such people who would like to be heard at every cost and any negligence in this regard will be taken as disrespecting that great personality. His conversation may be restricted to one side. He should be the major contributor in the discussion and your job would be to listen to him carefully. This would be one way traffic where your role is confined to listening only. Offer him the total time to speak on the subject he likes. But even then the concluding part of the session would not be pleasurable one with his comment that you did not speak a single word on his favour. You will always find some special spices remaining engaged in their own activities and for them, you are nowhere.

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    Most of the people are like that only. Thinking only about themselves as if they are the centre of the universe. They only bother about their time and other's time and convenience has no value for them. These are basically selfish people who would do anything to get their work done and getting convenience for them. This is in a bad taste but these people are brought up in the same environment where they have learned this only.
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    Most of the people are concerned about themselves, their children and their family and they will not give credence to others feelings, achievements and keep on saying their own stories and we get bored. It is good to have much attachment with their families but that should not feel boredom to others to listen the same old story. I am totally against those who finish all their work and come to disturb us when we are very busy and cannot spare time. But what they think that we have become selfish and not parting with time but it is them who are not recognizing our time and they simply ignore us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The world is getting mean day by day and as you have pointed out that everyone is getting self-centred and just want their good. When we are in trouble, we would approach people whom we know and then people who are near us, it can be small or big hep but we would like them to help us. It can be like helping in loading heavy load, sharing an auto, telling us the time or other information, guide us the route or place, cross the road, allow us to make a call as our battery is down, etc. Now when they or even a stranger ask the same thing, we feel disturbed and try to ignore them. When we want or expect help from others why don't we lend a helping hand to others and why does that become a disturbance? We need to change and understand humanity or else we will be left alone without anyone to help us. It is not that everyone is the same but the worlds changing to a selfish mode where everyone just thinks about them.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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