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    Are you using a notebook?

    Some of you will say its essential these days and some may say it is rarely used nowadays. It may depend on how you interpret the term notebook. Those who are born with a mobile phone on their hand, something similar to born with a silver spoon in the mouth, will interpret notebook as a laptop and those who are born pretty earlier will interpret it as a small book used to write notes. I am not born with a mobile on my hand so I am referring to the small books only that we used a lot during our student days. With so many word processing programs available, we hardly use those little books these days to take notes. But I find this pretty useful. It's handy and can be used at any time without worrying about saving it or giving it a suitable name. Suppose, you are reading a book, maybe online or offline, or reading an important article. You may come across many important points and think of noting them down. If you use a computer or a mobile phone to do all these things, it will take a little time. Another problem may be if you wish to write it in your mother tongue, you may not have that word processing software of your mother tongue, or your mobile keypad may not have a keypad in the particular regional language. One important thing is by using a notebook you can write it in your terms according to your understanding. By taking notes on a gadget can always involve a copy and pasting job. That means you are copying the part to be noted and pasting it on the word processing program. In this case, your processor is not working much. It's better to use your processor that is inside your head to keep it active.
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    You have posted a thread asking an obsolete item but still many of us might be keeping that in their pocket or handbag or office briefcase. In my case I have innovated it a little by cutting a notebook in smaller ones and making 3-4 Nos. out of it. So, the mini notebook that I have is hardly a size of 3 inch by 2 inch but fits well in my wallet. There is a small ball pen also in the side of the wallet and that makes me fully prepared to note something interesting or important. The idea of making a small note book from the bigger one came in my mind after I saw some small telephone directory kept in the wallet of some people and they were taking out it to see some number or things like that. I do not know whether it is useful for the people or not but for me it is helping a lot in many respects.
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    I am regularly using the notes at ISC. It is a very effective tool, wherein our ideas can be jotted down, organised and at last give a final touch to place it in the necessary sections of ISC. After completing, we can delete it is that the next information can be written. I had maintained for at least five in the notes section of ISC.

    I think besides this, there is no need to waste on paper, yet I scribble on the booklet made out of waste papers. It will be with me for some time until I feel satisfied that I have filled the sheets.

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    I like to write anything which I feel will help me in the future but I did not carry a notebook all the time with me.
    I do not write any information or detail on my mobile so I aways use notepad. Even when I read a book I always keep a pen and notebook with me then I start to read it so that when I feel some points are important fo me in anyways I wrote down them in my notebook. I got this habit from my father he always said that in my school days keep one copy when you are reading and now it becomes one of my good habits. This habit gives me two benefits first one is to improve my handwriting and the second most important benefit in enhancing my writing skills so I started writing in my ways.

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    Earlier I used to note the matters in white papers or some one-side papers. Sometimes I teared off papers after the matter is over. One day I have noted a telephone number while talking over landline phone, in the paper in which I normally scribe. In that evening as usual I teared off the paper before leaving office. But after reaching home only I remember the phone call and searched for the number of the person. I kept postponed the matter till next day. When I approached office in the next day morning my room was clearly swiped by the house keeping person and the dustbin also cleared. Since then I decided to keep a scribbling pad on my table and following.

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    I am also born with no mobile in my hand. I got accustomed to using a notebook not only during my studies but also during my career and totally for the last 55 years, In my high school, college and university I used these notebooks. During my career, I made a habit of noting everyday important happenings of that day. Later on, I made a habit of carrying a small pocket-size notebook. I used to note down things to be carried out and things to be followed up and every day I used to update that points. Whenever the work is completed I used to cut off that point from the list and add new points. This habit I got from a senior in the first job of mine. Those days I was reporting to the Technical Director of the company. He used to do this practice of noting down the things to be carried out. This is a very good idea and when you have some time, just you can take out that book and see whether you have forgotten any work.
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    It is a good thought and post that reminds us about using new technology and our old methods to jot down things. As I am always in front of the computers yet I feel good to note down anything on paper or notebook. As my work requires going through drawings, standards, the scope of work and meeting with clients, sub-contractors, progress meetings, etc, I prefer taking a small notebook with me. I write down the points that are highlighted in the meeting in the notebook, even write down the special specification, drawing number, page number, the name of the person if they have any query, etc as it is easy to refer afterwards and also helps for easy searching. It is not that I don't use MS office for quick reference but as you have asked for the preference, I like a notebook but where it just involves copy and paste, it is always the office tool like word, excel, etc. Many use notepad and sticky notes but I still follow the old method and is comfortable.
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