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    One Nation One Card - Discuss about Nation Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

    One Nation and One Card has been launched by PM Modi. It is an NCMC (Nation common Mobility Card). Do you know this? How does this card work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this One Nation One Card?

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    This is in fact an old scheme which we say old wine in new bottle. Aadhar card was introduced for this purpose but it could not be successfully carried to its logical conclusion as some intelligent opposition leaders saw to it that it is dragged in the court before it drags the erring and tax defaulting people to court. Unfortunately for the oppositon and fortunately for the citizens the present PM is a real honest and intelligent personality who knows that one has to hammer ones ways until the hindrance gives way. He is this time going to make it successful. One card means all other cards would be merged in this new card and it is a good idea as many shrewd defaulters in our country are taking advantage of confused situation due to multiplicity of the cards. When one card defines a unique person whatever he tries to do would be mapped on this card electronically and he would be caught red handed.
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    Probably on seeing the plight of the migrant labors who has to face the wrath of the corona virus and they losing the jobs suddenly , unable to cope up with food requirements, and thus center has forced the states to part with food grains for free and it also announced its share up to Nov 2020. Earlier the rations cards which were subjected to their nativity address and could not get the ration elsewhere. So the Modi government has brought in one nation and one card to facilitate the drawing of ration from any place of India. And being Indian, we should be recognized as the citizen in every state and therefore I strongly welcome the move by the center for launching one nation and one card. As many states are against the Aaadhaar data, probably this new card would be made compulsory for all to replace Aadhaar.
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    Umesh and Mohan may please confirm whether their responses are factually correct. I don't think NCMC is an alternative to the Aadhar card. It is more or less like a debit card. It is basically for ensuring mobility by any means of transport throughout the country and can also be used for withdrawing cash or for making purchases. Again, Mohan is talking about One Nation, One Ration card which is entirely different from NCMC.

    Moreover, NCMC was introduced in 2019 and is nothing new. Old wine in a new bottle seems to have become the order of the day. Sun may like to clarify why this topic has been brought up for discussion now.

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    Thanks for your keen observation and pointing out the matter. You are perfectly right that it is a one nation one card basically aimed at making a unified card for making payment for transports and transport related things from one place to another and make the payment while person is mobile. So, it is more and less like a debit card only to be used in transport or related industries. Probably I have conjectured much in going to the extent that it would eventually replace the Aadhaar card. So this latter part of my submission is not factual and not authentic. It was only in the nature of conjecture and ambition to foresee its future usage.

    Sometimes in our enthusiasm for change we flow in the same stream in same direction in which the earlier member has responded. Probably same thing happened in this case and Saji has rightly caught us meticulously. You can also add some explanation from your side as per your point of view.

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    Lead Editor is correct. The idea of this card is conceived by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs of the Government of India. On 4th March of last year, it was inaugurated. It is more or less like a debit card only. It can be used for paying travel expenses, toll tax, retail shopping, and withdraw money. This idea of the card is that the passengers can use one system for paying across the nation for various public travel systems. This card is made in India in the Make in India project. It is no way connected to the Aadhaar card and ration card.
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    Though PM has launched this card on 04 March 2019, now it is circulated as ONOC Yojna 2020. Hence I raised this thread to know about the card in detail. There was no discussion at ISC about this facility.

    Is there any ISCian holding such a card with them?

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    Nation Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is One Nation, One Card for transport mobility by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) under the 'Make In India' initiative, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a function in Ahmedabad on Monday 4th March 2019 to make a single card for payments across all segments including metro services, pay toll tax, bus travel charges, suburban railways, parking fees, smart city and retail like using different Debit/Credit/Prepaid cards. The card helps to make offline payment with minimum risk of fraud and supports needs or customers like daily travel ticket, monthly passes, season tickets etc. Till date, only 25 major banks including SBI, UCO Bank, Union Bank, government institutions such as metro rail authorities are places from where you can get the Nation Common Mobility Card
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