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    Sravan Purnima is celebrated as Sanskrit Day

    And I missed it. I feel many missed it too. In fact amidst numerous miscellaneous messages received today none was about the Sanskrit Day. I felt ashamed when towards evening my little nieces had to remind me about this. Even news and video clips in the net started coming mostly in the afternoon only.

    I heard them reciting some Sanskrit verse in a pleasing tune. On enquiring what the matter was, they told me that as it is Sanskrit Day. Their teacher had told them to send a performance using Sanskrit prose or poem to the teacher by Whatsapp.(They are now learning by online classes).
    I felt ashamed when they looked at me with an expression of ridicule on my ignorance. I really regret that.

    An important day for our country, history, tradition and ancient glory on education and knowledge was either ignored, not remembered or not known by me!

    Let us know more on this:
    "To promote and cherish the glory of Sanskrit language, Government of India in 1969 declared to celebrate Sanskrit Diwas on Raksha Bandhan(Sravan Poornima).. The government of India decided to celebrate the day because the small percentage of the population in the country speaks Sanskrit. It is important to preserve Sanskrit to understand the rich tradition"

    So let us all remind ourselves and do our possible best to learn, sustain and promote Sanskrit in some way.
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    I was not aware of the fact that Shravan Purnima was selected as the national Sanskrit day and that is very interesting information shared by the author. Thus Sanskrit gets national recognition.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I did not know about this thank you for updating me, Sanskrit was one of my favorite subjects in my school days, after all, I have completed my whole study from Sarswati Shishu Mandir School but still, I did not know about this day. All prayers in my school have been done in Sanskrit only and I feel proud that I belong to a school which still connected with our culture. I used to pray Sarswati Maata with Sarswati Vandna in Sanskrit. Thank you, author, you shared this thread, we will celebrate Rakhi with Sanskrit day from next year towards.
    My grandfather always says God and Goddess talk to each other in Sanskrit only so we should also know Sanskrit this is the reason schools keep Sanskrit in their syllabus but now some schools did not give as much value as they should give, it needs to get more awareness by new generation about the Sanskrit language

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Thanks for reminding us this important thing. Today Sanskrit is not a language in use but all our scriptures and ancient books are written in it as the language of scholars was Sanskrit only during those times. The rich knowledge in Sanskrit has attracted many research scholars to India for doing their research related to ancient India and its ways including the history, culture and anthropology and those thesis works are seen with great honour and respect in the academic circles. So our cultural heritage is all the outcome of the knowledge that is embedded in those Sanskrit books. I also bow my head to them in respect and honour.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Swati Sharma,
    When we haven't seen God and the non-existance of God physically, and say that God is only faith, how can we say that Sanskrit is the God's Language and they communicate only in Sanskrit? Probably if it is Gods language, then the Hindu gods like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma would be using that language. What about other religious Gods like Jesus and Allah and of other religions?

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    Yes. We forgot. Sanskrit day is celebrated in Sravana Poornima day that is the rakhi day. Yesterday we talked about Rakshabandhan but never thought about this Sanskrit day.
    Sanskrit day is celebrated to show our respect to the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is the oldest language. All our important books of Hindu culture and tradition are in this language only, Unfortunately, these days only a few people can understand this language. Foreigners are learning this language and getting benefits by exploring the literature available in this language. But we are lagging behind. Now with this new NEP 2020, this language may become more popular again In India.
    The day essentially is celebrated to highlight the need for learning and knowing this language which was being widely spoken in ancient times. The history and the significance of the language will be made known to the younger generation on this day.

    always confident

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    Sir, I totally agree with you that GOD is power and we can not distinguish it.

    I am not specifying God's communication language I have just mentioned what my grandfather used to say to me and my brother sister. There are many beliefs that are followed by our elders and sometimes we can not argue with them..

    Swati Sharma

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    Swati Sharma,
    Let me ask you another question. The number of people who have Sanskrit as their mother tongue is not known. And it cannot be a mother tongue to someone. If at all there are few, Who are they?
    What is the use of learning Sanskrit?
    How it helps us in our life?
    What are the job opportunities for a Sanskrit student?

    Not only Swati, but also other members can answer my question.

    No life without Sun

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    SuN sir,

    As per my knowledge, No subject is there where one can not get a job, I agreed that there are not many opportunities but still, they can teach in Central School where a big demand for Sanskrit teachers who have completed MA in Sanskrit apart from that in the army also there is a post for Sanskrit known person.

    In Madhya Pradesh an Adhyatm department also made by MP government there is also preference given for Sanskrit graduates.

    But sir here I want to ask one question if there is no value of Sanskrit in the job only then should we not take it as an important language or would not be mentioned in our syllabus?

    Still, there are many prayers and other worship methods like Rudrabhishek, etc. are done in Sanskrit only .. then why we should not know about the language.

    One more thing sir I am not arguing with you or anyone I am just giving my point of view so please forgive me if I said something wrong, as you are my senior in all ways, you can let me know when I am wrong.

    Swati Sharma

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    There is no use if a language has got only limited use. You mentioned about the teaching job for Sanskrit scholars. If one teaches Sanskrit to 100 students in a year, and see 100 schools teaching 100x100 = 10,000 students a year. Where will they get employment? They can perform the duties of pandits, pujaris and priests only. Then, how many will go as pujaris and priests to chant Mantras in Sanskrit in temples? There is no government service for Sanskrit learners. Let Sanskrit be a private affair for only those who are interested. It should not be a language taught in schools.

    This is what I understand.

    No life without Sun

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