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    Are you habituated to take quick decisions?

    Do you think that taking quick decisions is really necessary or is it better to at least pause and think it over or consult somebody first? Give your opinion on the pros and cons of quick vs delayed decisions.

    Sometimes we have to take decisions in the flash of seconds as the situation demands such kind of action from our end and in that case we do not have time and idea to consult others and postpone the decisions to further time. Taking quick decision is the great attitude which is always coupled with experience and the knowledge about the subject. But again for any quick decision taken we are alone responsible for the good or bad result and we should not worry about the outcome and thus confidence in us would be further strengthened.
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    While we taking any decision then mostly we think about our future that what would be the impact of this decision in our future but sometimes it happens that we have to take fast decisions then it becomes difficult for people. I think people should make their priorities for their life and if is there any situation that comes when they have to make a decision too fast and no-one is there to give advice then check your priorities first if some of them are fulfilling by your decision then go with it. It is a long time taken process to make your life's priorities but if we work on it it will help us long life. Usually, I make my decision to take some time but if all of a sudden I need to take a decision in a hurry then I try to make it as per my priorities.
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    Yes, taking decision in the last moment would certainly prove a turning point in the life but many times it happens that we loose our well wishers guiding us in the decision making process. Then you have to show your alacrity with an immediate action in the execution procedure. Of course, the feed- back in this regard will be passed on to our parents and well wishers at the later stage.
    It may be the filling up an application- form for any competitive examination and today being the last day for it to feel the application along with the demand draft to be sent to the secretary. There may exist a temporary confusion since your preparation is half way so far and this is dampening your spirit. But finally you have come up with a finite solution in favour of filling up the form. The concluding part is known to you at best with the turning over the table in your favour and your well wishers are behind your side supporting your decision with the smiling face.

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    Decisions are taken by all sort of people and some of them are more successful in that as compared to others. But it is not true in case of quick decisions. The reason is that only experienced and intelligent people can take quick decisions and it is not the everyone's cup of tea. Actually intelligent people do a lot of homework and calculations in their mind and always keep themselves busy in thinking about problems and their solutions. So, their mind would always be thinking about various processes simultaneously working out the probable options in each case and when that situation suddenly comes in front of them in reality then they are able to take a quick decision.
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    We may be taking many decisions from time to time and while taking a decision we use our thinking and try to make a good decision. Sometimes we will have sufficient time to think twice and then we can make a decision. We may contact some people if we feel that it is required. Some times we will postpone the decision intentionally to see how the things will shape up. But some times we have to make a decision immediately and act accordingly. In such times we may be making decisions using our intuitions. Many times I have taken such decisions and fortunately, my decisions never went wrong. I think I am lucky in that aspect and I have the blessings of Almighty.
    But taking decisions in a hurry may be proved wrong if we don't have full understanding of the matter and the situation. Decisions took under emotions or tensions may also go wrong sometimes. It is always advisable to think properly and take decisions always.

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    Taking quick decision is a good habit as delay due to pending/ thinking may affect the subjected item or person. But in some times the quick decision cannot be done if thinking twice or time needed for supporting items. But on any account the decision should not be taken on emotions as it will be in problem if later felt.

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    When you talk about the quick decision, it depends upon many factors as on what and for what are we taking that quick decision. When it is about our work or job, a quick decision may be required and even for some actions in our home may require us to take action quickly which may require understanding the situation, the consequences that may arise, people that are involved, the outcome that we are looking for, etc.

    there re times when we have to act swiftly and be firm on it. These are mostly for people in the upper rank or designation in the company or institute. At home, there are times when we have to make or provide quick feedback which may be crucial and important. Be it in office, home or society, it needs experience, confidence, understanding and looks ahead quality to take action.

    As you have mentioned that taking a quick decision is always coupled with experience and knowledge about the subject but at times, we have to take that decision even without knowing or having an experience but we are in a fix or take it or leave it when we take the risk and move forward with our decision.

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