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    To what extend attachment with things is right

    Every year on Diwali, this becomes difficult in many families when it comes about removing old things from the house due to space issues or if we want to buy something new.

    Last Diwali, my brother bought a new sofa set for the living room but our elders - mother, father uncle, aunty and grandparents- were not happy as much as they should be because they were attached with the old one. Even I also felt bad when it was removed from the living room. We kept it in another room just because the elders didn't want to remove it from the house. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for everyone in their life to hold on to old things due to attachment with them. On the one hand we want to upgrade our home and want to bring newness in life but on the other we don't want to discard the old ones.

    So, to what extend attachment with things is right because we all know that nothing will be the same always and is subject to changes. Attachment is good but it becomes complicated if you do not accept new things because of your attachment. Members, please give you view.

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    Having attachment with things in our possession is a natural attribute and it is a healthy sign and shows our love and concern for our things. So far that thinking is all right. But in our practical life it does not stand as we have to make place for a new thing by removing or discarding the old. If we feel that the old thing is still usable and in good condition then we should not think of buying a new one. People are having craze for buying new things but soon they become bored with that and again go for a new one. So, one has to be prudent and practical in this respect.
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    Many people will have an attachment with the things they used for long and which they like more. Such items will be in the storeroom always and once in a while people will glance at them. I have no such habit. Even my wife also never felt the need for keeping items. So we will dispose of such times without allowing the house to get overcrowded with many items which are not useful.
    Generally, it is better to clear the material which is not useful as of date. If the material is in good condition we can give them to the needy or we can sell them for a suitable price. Keeping old unused items out of attachment will make the material to get spoiled and it will not become waste. Instead of that if we give to poor and needy they will use it as long as they can and will never forget us as we donated that material to them.
    My wife will give such old times which are useful to my driver or to the servant maid and they feel very happy to take them and use them

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    Some of the things we are having at our house are passed by the elders and they got it from their elders. Especially the jewels worn by the small children are always passed on to the next generation so that the family legacy continues. Likewise some old furniture, fans , radio and television are though old, they are yet functioning good and cannot be discarded because they are getting old. We have one wooden almirah which was given by my father in law to my wife. It is old and strong and the television is placed on it. I made my mind to remove it but the sentiments are attached to it.
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    Not necessarily the old items are always discardable and still they can offer you quality service. I am speaking in context of my old TV Kelvinator brought back in September 1987 and in terms of performance, it has rendered its excellent service so far. Since it's make up is outdated, we couple tried to replace it with the new one. Even we visited some shops to see the new items, but during this pandemic situation, the stocks with them are limited and as such, it could not be replaced so far. Here attachment factor is also working.
    I have heard from our neighbours that the branded TV's brought back five years ago do have problems in terms of cooling or otherwise. Hence the purchasing a new one always is not a good decision to give a new look of our home. In that respect the old brands are far better in terms of longevity. Of course, the old utensils can be changed with the new ones to give an attractive look to the kitchen and keep our maid happy with such presentations.

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    The question is how to measure the exact extent. The incident mentioned in the thread is common in many families and there is no unique solution to it. This type of attachment to something may happen because there may be wonderful memories associated with it, like purchasing it with the first salary or purchasing it after shifting to a new house and so on. The person having this attachment cannot easily forget those things and also unable to replace it with an alternative one. Those persons may not accept any change easily and they may not like modern ways and means. Others in the family find this hard but they need to manage by making them understand why they wish a change. This is required and if the old thing is suddenly replaced without even consulting with the person having an attachment with that thing the situation can be really complex. Persuasion with proper logic is the way to deal during this situation.

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    Attachment with things or even person is a common trait but to what extend is a real question to be asked or thought about. When we buy a thing from our hard-earned money, we are more attached to it and cannot think of losing or throwing it away. Take the case of our first school bag, sports shoe, toys, house, bed, vessels, showpiece, medals, mobile, TV, desktop or laptop, etc. Some things are so attached to us that we will try to use it to the maximum but at times we may have to curtail it from our life due to various reasons like, too old, ruptured, scrape, etc. Some things need to be thrown to make a way for new things that will bring an up-gradation in our house, office, relationship or life. It may look easy but it's hard to throw away things or people attached to us in one or other way but till we do that, nothing will change.
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