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    It is correct to comment or mock the old practices when we get modern ones

    Why are old equipment and ways of working ridiculed today? Should we not understand that in some ways the old products and methods continue to be beneficial? That is the focus of this discussion.

    I have seen many people talk mockingly about the old systems which actually they too followed earlier before switching to a modern one.

    For example, people criticizing others when they see them grinding masala or Idli flour in stone grinders instaed of using mixie or grinders. But they do not know the masala is better when grinding in a stone grinder rather than in an electric mixie or grinder.

    Once my brother started to take his diabetic pills by breaking one tablet into two pieces with a knife. By seeing this a guest who came on that day told with a ridiculous laugh, 'A tablet cutter has come for this, why don't you use it? I am using one which my son bought for me from the US.'

    Similarly, many people ridicule sitting on the ground, eating with hands etc. We should never forget our old practices though we possess modern ones now.
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    This is an issue we encounter many times. These days when people see, somebody using the item which was used by our elders, make an easy remark as if they are updated and the other is still in olden days only. That is not a correct quality and we should not talk loosely about others.
    If we use the stone grinder for grinding the particle size will be neither too big nor too small. But in an electric grinder, the particle size will be very small. So the dish made with the material ground in stone grinder will taste different from that of from an electric grinder. So some times my wife will also use stone grinder for making special items.
    The quality and shelf life many old items are much better than the new generation items. I remember the electric switches that were being used in yesteryears are more durables than the present-day switches. These days the switches made smaller and smarter at the cost of its durability.

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    When we are comfortable with the old practices, what is the need to degrade or belittle about that practice which has been followed and time tested by every one. Those who have become modern we also practicing the same thing before and thus they advising us to go for modern is something advising more for us. All cannot get the same kind of attention and availability to things through which they can be at ease. For example manual washing of the clothes is always done by the house holds and even I feel the modern washing machines cannot do the better washing than the manual one through hands. But some people who have the washing machine would belittle the old process of washing clothes as if everyone born with washing machine culture. One thing is sure, everyone gets into modern as per their financial viability to which we should not be the cause.
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    It is the act of everyone be it old or new to forget the path and be attached to the new. We may be seeing many people in our office or workplace where they still use the old method for measuring, cutting, drawing, writing, checking while we have new tools and equipment. Some are still confident in using old methods while others are using the latest technology to equipment or tools.

    The new or innovations in science and technology have indeed made our work easy and fast by using the modern one while using the old is time-consuming. As mentioned by the writer that some things are still the best when done in old ways than using the new method as it provides accurate, smooth, favourable result than the new one.

    We should never forget our path or root as the new technology is only developed after having a print of the old and making certain changes which will give or make more easy or convenient. Some feel like using or having new apps or technology or tools make them look new but we have to the old to understand the new.

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    'Old is Gold' is a proven proverb. Despite any technological advancement, the old customs and practices are still valued.
    Despite many vessels in use, the old earthen pot has gained importance today. "Mann Paanai Samaiyal"(Food cooked in earthen pots)
    Water boiled using wood has a good effect on our body.
    Flours and Masala ground using stones (Ammi, Thiruvai, Ural, etc) adds tastes to the dishes.

    I should not forget to talk about my good old Padmini in this thread. She is old but very beautiful and active. Even a BMW car may not get the attention that my Padmini gets. Wherever I park my Padmini, there will be someone to come to me and enquire about Padmini. When I go to a petrol bunk, the fuel filling girl would ask me, "Sir, what is this car?". I would say, " She is my Padmini." She would smile and say, "Very nice name, sir'. Someone would wonder with the gear rod attached to the steering wheel. Someone would enquire about the mileage of the vintage car. Someone would ask her price. Even the policeman who stops my car for a check would enquire the age and appreciate my car, and won't check her documents.

    Old is always Gold, despite any technological advancement.

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    It always bad to comment on old practices, I mean how could anyone comment on its own culture and practices.
    I have also gone through this situation when one of my relatives came from Mumbai as we have a program in our home because my grandfather came from Gaya, that lady who cam to function before two days asked my mother why you are still stealing cup for tea as it is out of fashion it's not our trend, I know that is is very common to use Cheenimitti cups in each house but in my home still, many people used steel utensil especially elder so we all prefer to have tea in steel cups, we have Chinimitti cup also there but only for guest and that day we were too busy in Pooja preparation so we offered her in steel one. I am not saying that the lady was wrong but the way she compared with the fashion and trends from others that were wrong.
    All families have their values and practices and no one should comment on them. People should proud to be attached to their root from where they came this is the real value in my eye. To follow your old practices does not show that you have no knowledge about trends but they follow the old one because they want to be original with their family and want to make them happy to do so.

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    The more the comfort, the more the lazy people have become. In olden days we used one to powder the sambar powder with the chilly flavour spreading around the area, then ladies would easily recognise to stay away from that place. These days we cannot even trace out as it is either blended in a mixer or flour mills.

    To break the whole grams, we used beso kallu to split the Green grams, Bengal grams, Black grams and so on. All these activities give a physical exercise for the whole body and hence people stayed for long years without any health problems those days. Today, we are suffering from health hazards without these activities.

    Hence it is better to follow the old techniques as and when we get a chance else we will have to empty our pockets at the hospitals.

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