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    One dissenting voice can spoil our otherwise winning chance

    Many a time in competitions, I have seen and undergone the experience that our performance by following the requirements of the rules and regulations might be right and captivating but there are people on the prowl to spoil our chance of winning. Thus one dissenting voice from them would spoil the otherwise sure winning chance of ours. The dissenting voice would be intentional and aimed at us to snatch away our victory. But the organizers won't consider the background and feel that one dissenting voice is enough to reject our efforts. What is your take?

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    Firstly, where does the dissenting voice come from? From the audience, readers, viewers or judges? In all possibility, a dissenting voice that has value must come from the judges. And in that context, I don't think that a single dissenting voice can spoil the chances of one winning a competition. I am not saying that decisions never go wrong but one dissenting voice can in no way affect the results and that especially when the participant is worthy of the prize and is endorsed by the rest.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    When we are in a competition our goal should be to win. So we should focus on the task and we should not get diverted. There may be 100 people trying to pull you down. But you should allow your ear to go there.
    We see many cricket live matches. The viewers will be shouting and asking for a hit. But the batsman should be viewing the bowler's moment only and not getting disturbed. It may be an encouragement or pulling down. He will play as per the merits of the ball. Then only he can be a winner.
    Dronacharya asked Arjuna what he is seeing when he is about to shoot a bird. The reply given by Arjuna is that he is seeing the eye of the bird but nothing else. That much concentration is required for a person to be successful in the works he has undertaken.
    The focus on the goal is more important. Once you have this there is no problem and all the world may be against you, you need not bother.

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