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    Why people fear dead-bodies

    I've observed many people who, apparently, are scared of dead bodies. Even when it is their own family members/relatives who has died, they're seen staying at a distance from the dead body.

    In my neighbourhood an old man died. His wife was sitting beside the body lying on the ground in the veranda and was crying. The couple had no issues. Their relatives were coming inside but stayed at a distance of almost 3 metres at the threshold and flung coins towards the old widow. Nobody came closer to her to console her. My elder brother's wife couldn't bear all this and she went closer and sat beside the dead body and then hugged the old lady. No sooner than she hugged her, the old woman began to cry loudly because in that crisis she badly needed someone to support her emotionally.

    Is it just fear or are there any other reasons for people being reluctant to go nearer to the dead body? Please share your views and experiences, if any.

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    What the author shared is the moving scene happening in almost every place. Before the covid 19 period there was a death in one of the family members and his body came to the home after post mortem. Except some family members everybody was staying out side the house and sitting in the chairs and fiddling with the cell phones. I always have the habit of lift the body of the dead and accompany to the cremation. Whether relative or known person my courtesy to lift the body is always there. Having sensed this some relative were seen herd saying that one person is guaranteed to lift the body and three more needed. Really shifting the body to the pedestal of the cremation van and then to the pedestal of cremation ground is something only close relatives has to do, But some have fear about dead bodies and they stay away as if death will not occur to them.
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    I hope the author is not talking about death during the pandemic. But yes, there are people who fear dead bodies due to different reasons. They will visit the house but will stay put outside and will not even go for paying respect to the dead. But I am quite confused with the instance put forth in this thread. I have never had such an experience where even relatives stay away from the dead body leaving the wife (in this case) alone. I am not sure but I doubt whether it is part of some local/ religious tradition or practice since the author has also mentioned throwing of coins to the widow. I am sure that such distancing and non-participation by a group is certainly not due to fear. I think some clarity can be brought in if more details like the region, religion, caste etc are provided.
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    It is not fear. Why should we go and sit near the dead body that cannot hear and speak to the person going nearby or sitting nearby? I have seen the family members and relatives sitting around the body at a distance for the others to visit and have a look at the dead. No one fears the dead body. They sit away and mourn.
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    It is not that we should not go near. We go near the dead body and sometimes garland the body also. People will go near the family members of the deceased person and hug them and console them. Generally, when we go and see a dead body if we touch the body and touch their family members after coming back we have to change our dress and then take a head bath. Some people think that they need not change the dress and take a bath if they don't touch the body or their family members. Such people will stand at a distance and they will come back after some time.
    I never noticed people throwing coins on the person sitting near the dead body. This practice I never know. I see people throwing coins and flowers on the dead body while the body is being taken to the burial ground.

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    When I was kid I also afraid in this situation, as some elder says that person who has died will not go anywhere and be with you but you can not see them all these things make afraid sometime when we don't know about it but when I grow up and realize there is nothing to be and the persons who did not alive they were one of us, different is that, now we are alive and they are not, then, as time goes on my fear was gone automatically. That was about fear with someone who is not alive now but if we talk about during that time when the dead body is still there then I never saw that people are not coming near to the dead body, infect at my place before corona pandemic all people who arrived used to take blessing by touching feet of the person who goes from our world.
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    When I was a student of class 8th. My best friend was RamKrishna Saxena. When his father had died, my mother, sister and I went to his house. His mother was sitting in a room. My mother and sister went inside and sat beside her on the same cot. I saw that no woman was going into the room and they were throwing coins towards her.

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    I see some people doing the following activities:

    * They hire the people to carry the bier of their deceased

    * They throw all the common belongings of deceased like clothes, shoes etc

    * They renovate the room in which someone has died

    * They don't use the room if someone has committed suicide.

    Are these symptoms of necrophobia?

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    Yesterday, I was just thinking about this. Why should a dead man be carried and buried by a barber who does all the things required to be done for a dead body? Why not the family members do this? Why should we hire a barber to do the labour. Can't a senior member of the family do all the last rites with the help of relatives and friends present in the house. The barber charges abnormally. What the poor would do?
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    Before pandemic, if a person died few people would stay away as they will not be aware of the rituals of that particular religion or caste. Secondly, if a person died from any major illness, people do not go near the body with a fear of getting the same illness.

    These are the major reasons I have to visualize and heard. In villages, if any person died in hospital that body will not be brought inside the village surroundings. The family members will go and cremate or bury outside the village surroundings.

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    It is the fact that when a person dies, he carries with him all the sins, his good deeds. his bad deeds and therefore people think that his remaining of any such thing which may bother us, should not be there to be visible and thus discarded. If the person has expired after the prolonged illness, naturally all his belongings are thrown away to prevent the infection to others. If the home is own, the white washing is done so that what ever the evil forces would be discarded with the dead. And if a suicide takes place, I have seen some families selling the house at the pittance rate and shifting to other house or place. These are the natural reactions of those people who fear about death.
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    Keeping a distance from the deceased because of some serious disease the person has died of is the genuine reason but I'm not talking about it.

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