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    Spending some time on gardening is very refreshing.

    All these days I was completely immersed in my office work and never tried to help my wife in her domestic works. But from March this year, I stopped full time working and started part-time working and that too from home. Very rarely I go out in connection with my work.

    So I am trying to just help her in some works. Once in a while when she is working in the plants, I started participating in the same activity with her. After working for half an hour so, I am finding myself relaxed and feeling refreshed. This is a very good activity these days as there is no physical exercise and I even stopped walking also. I am thinking that I should do this gardening work regularly.

    What is the feelings of the members on this front?
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    It sounds good sir that you are helping your wife in her household work. I also have a small group of plants on my terrace and I and my aunty we both working over there as we both love gardening. For me is quite special as I spend more time with them during my morning walk that greenery of plants makes me feel so healthy even yesterday we have celebrated our Raksha Bandhan also on the terrace and take many pictures with my plants. I used to water the plants in the morning and evening but nowadays it depends on the rain or weather. We have many tulsi plants also there so after my walk I picked up some leaves of tulsi then make a kadhai for my family it is very useful for today's pandemic era. Gardening is one of the best hobbies or works to be busy at your home.
    Swati Sharma

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    Keeping yourself engaged in the gardening activities sometimes either in the morning or evening would certainly refresh you provided you are supported by your wife. This would be the best way to pass your time with the plants and the greenery witnessed by you would have a soothing effect on your mind. Some flowers such as Dahlia, Rose, Jasmine would be eye captivating and the scenario of the garden would amuse you. Spend your time with a group of children and they will entertain you with a lot of inquestive questions hovering in their minds.

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    Getting in touch with much gives nutrients and also a sense of satisfaction as we will be working with small tender plants similar to toddlers.

    Gardening is a good habit as well as good for the eyes. We can see green leaves regularly to bring a soothing effect to the eyes. The happiest moment it when we reap the benefits that are flower, fruit or vegetable. If we have grown vegetables, we tend to prepare dishes to relish the meal with full enjoyment and satisfaction for our hard work.

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    Definitely, engaging in gardening activities make us feel refresh and happy. Gardening is considered as good exercise. It is good to work for keeping mind and body healthy. Nowadays everywhere lockdown is there due to COVID 19. In such a situation, it is a very good job to keep busy in garden activities. We can feel happy with garden activities. When you do garden activities with the help of family members then obviously enthusiasm would be doubled. I also like to do gardening in my free time.

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    Good that you have taken to the gardening which is the nice decision because nurturing a plant is equal to nurturing the children and since you have the grand children, I am sure even the small plants get your kind attention and feel blessed with your kind touch. I know some plants are more affection towards the human being who nurture them regularly and they know how to many times water has to be offered and how much water. And keeping clean environment around the house is also part of the gardening and hope the author is having the best time. I remember in our own house, when we put the brinjal and tomato seeds, when the plants started growing big and yielding the wholesome quantity of long brinjal and desi variety of tomatoes were simply superb and the taste was very good as the plants grown without using chemicals.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Gardening is a good activity that not only helps us to be healthy but also refreshes us and even a time when we are with nature. If we are not used to gardening, we may feel difficult but later, it will be our first preference. When I am at home, I have this craze of bringing new flowering plants and other trees that is not in my yard and plant it. Though my mother often warns me as she is old and cannot water it every day when I am away but I do try to at least plant some new plants on my vacation. Cleaning the yard, ploughing, watering, putting manure, etc which is my all-time activity when I am home. I also cut the branches of trees that are growing in the awkward shape of a hindrance to other plants, giving support to the leaning plants, creepers, etc. I like flowering plants and try to collect it from our neighbours and plant them in my garden.
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