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    Think a little before speak...

    We speak our words to reach each other and our way of speaking is much more important then whats we gonna speak to anyone. often we have noticed when we have a light mood then we say anything without thinking about it and later regret it.

    It is necessary to remember by us before speaking to any person that the spoken word is not going to come back and its effect on the other person is also depends how do you speak and at the same time how did it feel by the other one. Even a bad person who know how to speak will win the other hearts and a nice person who never keeps any bad feeling for anyone and always wants others happiness, may do not have talent to speak would lose many things.
    What we said is show our thinking so it is very important to keep positive thinking in our mind first that will help us to speak in a positive way whether the thing which we said is negative but still it sounds positive by the listener.
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    Always we should mind our words. We should be careful in our talking. A single bad word will spoil relations and will result in life long enmity. Karna out of emotion addressed wrongly Draupadi when Pandavas lost in their gambling game. Later on, he felt for that. But Draupadi never excused him and ultimately he was killed by Arjuna.
    A Vice President working in an Organisation resigned over the phone because his CEO used a bad word at him. Later CEO expressed his sorrow but that Vice President is in no mood to come back. There are many such incidents in this world. That is why people say a word spoken can't be taken back.
    These days communication has become very important and if we don't communicate properly the message may go wrongly and may result in many problems.
    Word is having such power and your success always depend on how well you manage your words and communication.

    always confident

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    There is a popular saying in Tamil that "Theeinaal sutta Punn arumay, araadhu Naavinaal sutta vadu" that means if one comes in contact with the fire and injures the self, the pain and the mark may be healed sooner or later but when someone abuse you with bad words , the words cannot be forgotten and it stays in our mind and heart. Time again the elders used to say to young ones to exercise control over reverting back to what ever elders say or seek their advice be implemented. In many homes there would be spat between the elders and young ones as both cannot agree on certain points and thus the face off takes place which may lead to even abusing. Same thing happens with the neighbors and our enemies. By saying abusing words, we are escalating the already bad relations with others and there is no end.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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