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    What is the use of safety, caution, warning or helping signs on people?

    We all know that a sign is a warning or helping way to tell people about the measures one should take or follow to be safe. We know about signs about many things from road signs, danger signs in plants or workplace, caution signs in school, hospitals or crossing, warning signs in vehicles, movies or Television, MET department, etc but we hardly give an ear to it. Many a time we ignore the warning or safety signs and writing which cause fatal and later realize the mistake. What is your take on it as many signs are very critical while some are just a warning which reminds us that it is dangerous or can cause issues in the long run but we ignore it? Do you follow the instructions or warning signs or take it casually at times. Members do put your point forward about your take about these Caution/warning/safety/helping signs.
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    When we are travelling in an unknown area these warnings boards or signboards are very important. We have to see them and follow them. If the road is familiar we may not be much worried. But traffic signs are to be followed always. Unfortunately, many educated people also overlook these warnings and land in difficulties. Even in big metro cities like Hyderabad, people ignore these boards. People will enter into one-way roads also if there is no police nearby.
    When we enter into a plant we should be very careful. Generally, when an outsider visits the plant. a person from the plant should accompany him and see that he will not be in danger situation. In addition to that, the visitor should also take all precautions and should make use of all Personal Protective Equipment which are required. The danger boards displayed there should be followed without any deviation.
    I always follow the instructions given in signboards or danger boards always and I never ignore them. I never allow my driver to deviate from the traffic rules. That is safe for us and for others also.

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    As a regular road user I give much importance and credence to the road sings and other important sings which I come across to adhere and follow. It is the fact that the opposite person does not follow the road signs to which we get affected, It is the common fact that those who are coming from the lane and approaching towards the main road, are supposed to exercise caution and be slow in crossing the other side of the road, but invariably I have seen educated fools riding in their costly cars ram into the main road vehicle users, thus knocking down instantly and not even bothering to attend the injured and in fact they would abuse the accident victim of lethargic driving and not giving chance for the big vehicle to pass. I think all the car drivers should once again go through the sign check exam conducted by RTA before giving temporary licence.
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    It is not only road safety warning signs but its also about caution signs in the office or workplace, at parking, hospitals, warning signs given by the MET department, caution signs announced by government, police, doctors, our body, signs before a movie and on TV screen about smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.
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    Whenever I am on the road along with my car, my overriding priority is to follow the safety norm of the road. May be such follow up will take some more time, even then there is always proper follow up safety norm. Sometimes, I feel the roads are known to me and I can avert any untoward happening, but I keep my emotions checked and look ahead the safety signals to be followed in reaching out my destination.
    While going inside the plant, I become more serious in relation to safety compliance. On the way, there is a medical unit indicating the silence zone where the driver would not use horn unnecessary and slow speed is to be maintained. While reaching to the work place, the car is to parked in the alloted area designed for all the executives . No car is to be parked adjacent to a road so as to avoid any unnecessary happening

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    All these boards and warning signs and rules are made up by the government or any other department for the safety purpose for all but when its time to follow these rules then not only normal people but at the same time some of the leader who were the part of the team while these rules were making, some Officers all break the rules in a very formal way and pretend like, it's not a big issue to just break one rule but due to breaking a single rule could be the reason for an unhappening incident some times when I go with my brother he mostly tries to ignore traffic signals when there are fewer vehicles but .me and my sister we both are very strict about these rules we never break any rule or never ignores warning boards.
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    Signs as a measure to safeguard the citizens against the natural hazards or the mishaps which will occur in the mere future.

    It is necessary to keep an eye on the signboards, cautions and instructions so that we have a safe journey. We also notice the board stating "beware of dogs" mentioned on the front gate of many houses, if we don't notice, may face trouble.

    Signboards also tell us about the major events scheduled at the venue on a particular day. On that day, if we travel on the same route we may get stuck in traffic due to the crowd in that area. Hence it is necessary to have a look at it beforehand, to take precautionary measures.

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    The purpose of safety, warning, caution, and help signs is to really make the people alert and attentive to the impending dangers and threats. Unfortunately only those people take a note of them seriously who are safety conscious and alert otherwise also in absence of these signs. In fact all of us should take a note of it and if do not understand the meaning then ask other people about it or read about it so that we can take those precautions. These signs are of no avail if we do not follow them. There is an English song whose first line starts like -
    'Wise men say - only fools rush in.'
    So, many wise people take them seriously and follow them.

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    The use of those signs is to alert people about impending danger. Wherever such signs are there we need to be alert. There are many who tend to flout rules and I think those people ignore the warnings. Otherwise, as a responsible member of society, everyone should pay attention to those warnings. You may find an alert at a particular place about not to dump garbage but you will find many dumping garbages there. I would say that is completely irresponsible behaviour and action must be taken against those people. If we are not aware even after being made aware by those warning signs we remain responsible for any untoward happenings.

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    I strictly and sincerely follow all the warnings. May it be while riding my two-wheeler or driving my four-wheeler or while crossing the roads as a pedestrian or to stand on a queue etc. Also the warning from my elders. And also, I am strict with the offenders who fail to follow the rules and regulations within my jurisdiction. I never move out of my home without a helmet, and now with a face mask. I always carry my vehicle documents. I have enough patience to wait for the traffic signals, And I won't mind checking the irregularities. I don't fail to question the authorities when they go wrong and would correct them.

    Such cautionary warnings and informative signals are meant for the safety and security of the public. If we follow them strictly, there won't be any loss of life on earth through road accidents.

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    Its very unfortunate to state the fact that I have personally noticed that sign boards which prevent and help in travel navigation are tampered and they are of no use because of misuse of public property. Many times excuses are very easily made up because of this misuse of sign boards and danger signals board's when accidents happen during the investigation. Signs help in prevention of accident and save human lives. It helps in proper and adequate navigation of traffic and lessens the burden of workload on traffic police officers who patrol on the road.
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