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    Truth is always better than lie.

    People lie sometimes because they think that by telling the truth their loved ones will get away from them because the truth may worse than lie.

    Sometimes people who speak more truth than necessary become lonely in life because there are fewer people who stand with the support of the truth. The problem is that the lie looks more beautiful than the truth.

    People feel truth is bitter and sometimes do not want to hear it, in this case, other people get advantages and they continue to speak lie to those people.

    I think we should speak the truth but the way, the listener wants to listen to it, that would take some time and patience but it will make our life easy because by telling lies we make our life complected.
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    It is often said that speaking the truth will be difficult at times but it eases the after effect that can be grown after telling a lie or hiding it. We often try to cover the truth with a lie and often do it for the good of everyone. We also believe that sometimes telling a lie saves a relationship, work, argument, verbal spat or anger and it is also not harmful. Whenever we speak a lie, we need to remember it always as sometimes when it is questioned, we may not be able to know what we had said during that course of time but when we speak the truth, we remember it very well and can be told anywhere, anytime and in front of anyone without feeling guilty. I too also support a small lie when needed to control the situation which would not be fatal or dangerous but will help to keep any relationship intact.
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    If you speak the truth, you need not remember what you said. But if you are telling a lie you have to remember what to you said. If you change the version from time to time other people will understand that you are telling untruths. So the lies will make you uncomfortable.
    Satya Harishchandra is one man who never lied. He lost his kingdom, money, son and even wife also. Finally, he has to work as a burial groundkeeper. His life is an example for the people and one should stand that sometimes you may be facing difficulties by telling all truths but ultimately you will be the gainer.
    Another example is Yudhistara. He never wanted to tell any untruths. But in Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna made him to say the truth but half loudly and half slowly so other persons heard the first half only which is not a truth. This has resulted in the death of Dronacharya.
    But these days there are no people who never speak any untruth. But I feel always it is better to avoid speaking lies as much as possible .

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    There cannot be any doubt in it. This particular line "Sometimes people who speak more truth than necessary" is something I am unable to understand. There cannot be anything like more truth or less truth. Hiding information by not telling it is something which cannot be equated with a lie. The difficult task can be to tell a bitter truth which others may not accept. The bitter truth is those truths that sound harsh. You always wish that things should be done according to your way but the bitter truth is many times things will happen in a different way and you have to accept it. If you have to pay a very heavy price for telling a truth then only lie otherwise, always speak the truth.

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    Telling lies cannot be stopped and it has become the in born quality in many of us but how to manage the lies and how to tell series of lies to protect the original lie is the thing to watch and learn from other who mastered this trick with much more fineness. Nevertheless nothing can match the truth, and once told the truth we need not worry about the matter what we said and there cannot be retelling the same in different way. But a lie telling person can be caught with cross questioning in different way and that is why Police has the knack of those tell series of lies and denial and ultimately agree to the crime.
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    Telling lies is a common phenomenon. From children to adults everyone tells lies time and again due to of course various reasons. Some people are so expert in telling lies that they can do it 'on the go' and modify and protect their interests in any case. Sometimes telling lies helps them to avoid bitterness which generally gets generated through truthful confessions and they just manage to go ahead with the way that is created by their smartness. In this practical world it is not possible to manage the life without telling lies and when telling lies has no objective then only people resort to speaking truth.
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    When one tells a lie the whole family has to support sometimes. We all know that smartphone is available in everyone's hand, if not we can at least view the keypad phone. One of my cousin's friend had a relative who had a habit of calling all the family members at different intervals of time on the same day to check the responses, tally them to arrive at the truth for her questions. She was very tactful in asking the questions too.

    It is better, to tell the truth, rather than struggle to express the same views.

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    Always speak the truth and never tell a lie seems good to hear but practically it's not easy to be truthful and outspoken in real world. Sometimes, speaking candidly what the matter in reality is may engulf you in deep trouble. Reason is that mindset of people is as such as they dislike to listen to the bitter truth. They'd welcome white lie if it pleases them. I think we should not speak the truth on the face of the concerned people, rather, should keep it concealed in heart, lest they should keep feelings of enmity and grudge against you and would cause you harm in future.

    Even in small matters people like to listen their false praise despite knowing it being false, perhaps it's due to ego satisfaction. However, if saying something hurts the people I always refrain from it because hurting someone's heart is a sin. If someone is pleased by our little lies which don't harm anyone nothing wrong is in telling.

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    Telling lie is the start of the avalanche chain where to hide one lie we have to tell more lies and then we are trapped in that vicious cycle and then repent as why we told a lie in the first place.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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