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    How is the scope of the data scientist in the present 21st century?

    As of now, it has been said that many companies are turning into data-driven companies. There are huge chunks of data are generated and it becomes difficult to manually process data and make decisions. Therefore it is said that there is a huge demand for Data Science. But, as of now many discouraging thoughts arises regarding data science. Some of the discouraging thoughts that arise are 'this data science field is going to be highly competitive', 'this course is not for freshers at all', 'data science is dead', 'it is very hard for an employee to survive in a role as data scientist', 'criteria for getting data scientists changes very frequently' and 'employers expect too much for an employee in data scientists job role'. Keeping all these discouraging thoughts in view will the scope of data scientists reduce and will it be too hard to make a career as a data scientist? Will data analyst be somewhat better than data scientists. There are so many institutes claiming to provide PG diploma in data science, but will it be worth taking admission in these institutes as a fresh graduate of Btech from non-CS/IT background keeping the discouraging thoughts about data science in mind.
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    The companies across various sectors are using data analysing tools to understand how the present trend of the area of their interest and how it is going to emerge in the near future. So the demand for data scientists will be more in the coming years. Data science will grow further and the demand for this will increase.
    A fresh Engineer in non-IT/CS fields may also stand a chance initially in relatively smaller companies and once they put up some experience they can get good position in good companies. If the students are interested in this area they can add skill in by getting a diploma or certificate course in this field. There are many institutions offering an online course. They are good and that certificate will be useful if is from a good institution. IIIT, Bangalore is offering a PD diploma in this field on the line. That is also a good qualification to start a career as a Data Scientist.

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    What I feel that data science has greater role to play in future for the companies which want to compare its own performance with previous year and also know the competitor moves to strengthen their performance further. For example I am being the member of the social media go through the analytics of my daily tweets as to how it behaves when posted with text, when posted with image, when posted with video format, when posted with polls and when posted with hash tag responses. All these analytics are very useful and I am getting more interested that as soon as one tweet has been submitted with a gif accompanying it either with text or the moving matter, the likes and comments are coming in very frequent intervals. Same way the companies would be analyzing their data and decode them for their future actions.
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