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    An original and in - hand copy may be more motivating than e- copies.

    This is the 13th year of ISC and really an important year for all ISCians. Every year though brings something new, refreshing, challenging and hopeful charms with it but this year has become a milestone year for everyone not because of the challenges and pandemic we are struggling with but because of the unity and strength we are facing and tackling such a ruining situation in a comfortable manner which is an absolute dare to the circumstance.
    I have a special attachment with the number 13 as it is date when I was born on this holy land. Every year on ISC we do many different things, like some year we updated the logo and the tagline of ISC, the other year we introduced more sections in ISC. Then we became a completely educational portal. Many years many suggestions and many changes.
    However it is not feasible for the webmasters to undergo changes after every suggestion but I have certainly noticed that they duly work for suggestions they find worthy and make those suggestions feasible even if they are challenging.

    We receive many awards from ISC and these awards not only encourage us but also help us in contributing more valuable articles and threads.

    My suggestion for ISC is that - The e- certificates you are issuing to us would be more encouraging if we receive a hardcopy posted on our addresses. If a medal or trophy is sent along with these certificates they will add a boost to the contributor.

    The benefits of these hard copies received by the member will be:
    1) He/ she can show them publicly to everyone and post on social media platforms which will connect and bring more people to ISC and they too will start posting here. As many people doesn't have any idea about sites which pay for blog posting they will get to know about ISC through the posts of members receiving certificates, medals and trophies.
    It is true that we can post the downloaded e- certificate also but then, they aren't as clear and legible as they should be. Also, sometimes the calligraphy exceeds the certificate boundaries and they appear as if they are false or made by oneself only.
    2) An original, in - hand received medal, certificate or trophy gives more boost and encouragement in comparison to an e- certificate which couldn't be kept all the time in front of our eyes unlike an original, in - hand one.
    3) It can give a boost to writers and also to students who are always in search of a site which can solve all their queries in a single portal, where they can find all solutions to their subjects instantly.

    There's no other site than ISC which gives so instant answers and solutions to the queries imposed by people, still it doesn't appear on the top when searched on google. Let's put in our efforts to make it searched on google so many times in a day so that it appears in the top results of the world.

    This is just a suggestion based on my personal thinking and experience. I hope the webmasters may find it worthy enough to be brought into action this very year.
    I apologize if any word or sentence appears harsh, rude or unfair to anyone here.
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    An excellent thread from you. I second your suggestion that ISC should despatch a hard copy of the Certificate to its members by post to their home address. This certificate will be a valuable possession. Also, this will be a decorative piece in our showcases.

    I too request ISC to think about this and implement it.

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    Yes. When you hold a paper in your hand the feeling is different than seeing it on a system. That is why many of us prefer reading a hard copy of the newspaper than reading it on a screen. When we spend money online we never feel that we are spending money but only when we spend cash we feel that we are spending. This is true in almost all cases. So I agree with the author that if we receive a hard copy of the certificate that is being given by ISC we will have a very good satisfaction. similarly, if we receive real medals and trophy we feel that we achieved something. But it may be a costly affair for ISC and hence they might not have thought of this, A good suggestion from the author and many members may also feel that it is a good suggestion. But it is the top people of the site has to think, see the feasibility. So let is wait for the thoughts of the people who are in decision making role.
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    I am also seconding the thoughts emanated by the author that the citations or the certificates awarded to us must be hard copy so that we can cherish the real receipt of the certificate in hand. I do not think the ISC would agree for this suggestion that what ever works done by the ISC as editors, lead editors, managing editors are for free and nothing is paid. All of them are members like us and they too would be interested to write and get rewarded. In that case what the author suggested is the ongoing burden to the ISC administration which cannot have the time and money spent for posting the hard copy of certificates to the members concerned. Actually the certificates thus appears in e format can be down loaded and can be framed or taken color copy in a hard paper and thus looks like original citation revived from the ISC.
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    I appreciate the author for this thread. I agree with her. I hope that WM sir will ponder over this suggestion.

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    Such a nice thought, having a hardcopy of a certificate help to inspired us, apart from that we feel proud to see them. I have experience with it when I was pursuing an MBA from Sikkim Manipal University, it was a long-distance learning program so I have got all my mark sheets on email only, that felt like ok I have completed my this semester even my final semester mark sheet were also feel me ok I have completed MBA, But after 2 months when I received a courier from the university and I got my MBA degree with hardcopy that was such a happiest moment for me so that's true a hardcopy of achievements always motivated and inspired us. I totally agree with Monika mam and hope management and editors also like this idea and try to implement it
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    Oh I would love to receive the certificates for any award in hand, if at all this suggestion from Ms.Monika Kushwaha is considered by ISC. I am also voting positive for this idea along with many others on this thread.
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    It is a good thought but there are practical considerations also. With due respect to the sentiments of the author of this post, first thing is when the whole world is moving towards digitisation and online cloud based storage then with this suggestion we are moving backwards in terms of technology. I agree that a physical certificate looks elegant in our drawing rooms but is it worth to have it? A few years back I got a beautiful physical certificate from Govt of India thanking me for paying my Income Tax. Many of us might had got it. It was a very motivating thing thought by the Govt at that time. It was very impressive. But it is lying somewhere, I have to search for it. Somehow they also discontinued sending it.

    Second thing is in today world cost is a primary factor for considering these types of indulgences and any site or organisation has to think twice before spending money on these hints which are of a regular nature. I do not want to discourage to do so but these are the ground realities that we have to consider.

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