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    Getting demoralized from the failures of others?

    Sometimes we want to pursue the same idea or the matter which the others are attempting and getting success over it. But when the same idea is confronted with the failures by others, we get demoralized heavily as if the unsuccessful event happened to us. Nothing wrong in following and aping others, but a dose of our own idea and commitment to the quality attempt is must, and that can assure the success and also the idea would look different for others. Nothing can stand best when the idea is created by us and aped by others. What is your view on this ?
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    Always we should learn from our failures as well as failures of others. We should get the data and analyse the whole situation so that we will get some idea about the whole issue and we can also understand where the other person went wrong and we can correct and go in a proper direction so that we will be successful.
    We should not wish failure to anybody but once it happens we should take that as an opportunity to learn. Otherwise, failures will go on happening. We should not get dishearted when we fail and we should become more strong and face the consequences and show the entire world that our failures are the steps for us to reach the top.

    always confident

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    It is true that we can get demoralized by other failures. We have to learn what made them fail in their endeavours so that we can make sure to clear our paths in attaining success.

    We have to have a stand and priority in our life to accomplish our goals. When goals are set and positive thoughts, constant work, timely action are followed up none can stop us from reaching the heights.

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    The ideas are already existing there. It could be with him or with me. It could be even in a book written by some scholar sometime ago. It could be seen written on a big advertisement board along the road side somewhere. Generally no new ideas would be there. It is only the presentation which is newer. I was visiting a site where thousands of articles are there and hundreds of them on the same topic and theme and all of them mean to say - 'How to face the challenges in our lives?' When you read them they tell same thing but their presentation is different. Their structure is different. The examples quoted by the authors are different. So there is no question of getting demoralised or motivated by our efforts in writing. We have to take up the idea (it is free for all, available in plenty) and present it in our own ways lacing it with our knowledge, experience, and literally skills. Depending upon the competition in the field it may or may not click.
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    I also believe that we should always be ready from others whether it's about the success or failure of others or their experience. Learning is the most important factor of success and leaning is not here just about what you are studying or giving efforts to achieve your target but leaning is something where we should learn from experience and failure and some previous success as well. We may know that our efforts are reaching us towards our goal day by day and there would be a day when we achieved our goal and finally would be ready for the next target.
    We have many people around us and all they have their failure or success which was due to their presentation and hard work, its not good always compared ourselves with them and tier failure. Be confident because when we can decide something to achieve and start work for it than we already achieved half of our target, so be positive and motivated for your success.

    Swati Sharma

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    Success and failures of others is a measuring yard for everyone who would like to walk on their track to the path. We often have some idea and would like to prove ourself in that but when we learn about someone who had such similar thoughts and failed in it, we get in a fix and would sometime even have a second thought about it. There are times when we get to know that their thoughts and ideas were similar but the approach was wrong or different than what you have thought and thus again wanting to continue on your way an approach. It is always said that it is good to have a guide but it is also on you to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it? Getting inspired by the success of others is good and in the same way getting demoralized from the failures of others is common but if you understand and study their failures, it will be a lesson that can lead you to success.
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    Yes, I agree, that if a person working on same idea as ours fails we get a bit demoralized. But I believe we should look at such instances with a point of view based on the proverb "Life is too short to learn from own mistakes. So, try to learn from mistakes of others."

    One should not just see the idea getting failed. Instead one should observe the steps or procedures of implementing the idea. You should analyse where and how the idea lacked the perfection and then you should try much harder to make the idea a success.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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