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    Do not compromise your sleep for others work and enjoyment

    I have seen many have the tendency to forgo their sleep hours and try to help out others in their work, project or even participate in events which would prolong beyond midnight and thus the sleep is compromised and we may not get the sound sleep to which we are habituated daily and thus fatigue takes its toll the next day and we feel like nausea and not liking to attend our own work and commitments. Then why should we compromise our sleep which is so much important to us to take wholesome body rest for at least 6 hours to be perfectly fit next day ?
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    A sleep for 6 hours minimum a day will keep us healthy and fresh. So we all should plan our works in such a way that we will not get tired and lose our efficiency. But when there is a necessity we may have to work for extra hours once in a while. That we can compensate the next having a little more sleep. But regularly we can't compromise on our sleep.
    When there are functions like marriages many of the family members will have additional works and they may have to compromise and sleep for fewer hours and see that the function will be a success.

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    It is said that during sleep our body repairs itself and that is the time for rejuvenation and re-energising. Sleep is a necessary item in our life and ignoring or compromising with it is definitely going to affect us adversely. Sometimes due to emergency we have to do it but it should be a rare thing and we should not make it a practice. Many students study late in the night but then it affects their efficiency in the examination centre and they are not able to perform as they had thought otherwise. I think we should give importance to our sleep as it is a primary requisite for a good health.
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    Sleep is the essential component to lead a healthy life and as such we should maintain the sleep cycle of six hours at least. Any compromise with this will lead to several life style diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Diabetes , Indigestion and many more disease. Sleeping is the best mode of rejuvenation the entire body.
    To remedy this, lead a stress free life and resort to yoga.
    Students remain under impression that with the extra effort made in the night in their studies will get outstanding success. This may be true but they would be loosing their own health and that would be the greatest set back.

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    Sleep gives rest to the body and mind. Sleep disorders lead to insomnia. Just like we eat regularly after every four to five hours, we need to sleep also at least for six to eight hours a day.
    Some people go to work in shifts and have a different lifestyle hence make up their sleep during daytime. This tendency will lead to health problems over a period of time.

    Disruptions in sleep is also a major cause due to commitments like caring old aged people, caring kids and unhealthy members of a family.

    Sleep cannot be compromised but for taking care of family members, one has to adjust to the environment.

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    Sleepings is as much important as other activities of the day . 6 to 8 hours we must sleep at night.
    When we sleep our body starts healing itself which really necessary for a fresh brain for the next morning,
    There is a festival about to come the day before Ganesh Chaturthi, it is called Teeja.. in this festival women's keep fast entire day and night not even take water then do not sleep overnight and next morning have something after Ganesha pooja, fast is good but as they did not the whole night they don't feel healthy for next 3 to 4 days they feel quite lazy and weak. it shows even if one night we did not sleep well we would gonna pay our the next 2 to 3 days. That was things related to worship but there is another many secenroio which we have seen if a person is not having proper sleep it may very harmful for the person.

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    Apologies for taking a diversion but I think it would be better to do so for the benefit of all. The effect of compromising sleep on our health was discussed a month back or so in this thread about ISC members contributing during midnight. This time around, the author has elected to give the topic a universal touch though the idea is the same. It is this point regarding repeated topics that was notified a few days ago. If on seeing a topic the editors can recollect having read the topic somewhere in ISC, I am sure the members, especially the authors, would also be able to remember having dealt with a topic recently. I have used this forum to give this elaborate response so that members take note and avoid such repetitions.

    Members are requested to just keep this point in mind and to please continue with your responses to the main thread. Responses based on this response will not be entertained.

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    We know that a minimum sleep of 6-8 hours id essential for our body to be able to perform well but it is not that every day, we need the same amount of sleep. At times even sleep of 4-6 hours of quality sleep is enough to rise refreshed. It is not the quantity but the quality of sleep that matters.

    Now when we talk about compromising anything for others, it means that we value that person, it can be our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbours, classmates or our colleagues and when they ask us for help that may take a bit longer which may interfere our sleep, I don't think it will affect our other routine.

    It is a common thought that when we can compromise or adjust something, it is mostly for the person who has a place in our heart unless they being forced to help by our elders when we feel the tiredness but otherwise, it is our chance to prove ourself and stand with them when they are in need. So for me, when I am helping people who are close to me, I don't mind compromise my sleep for their work and enjoyment.

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    Sometimes it happened to me like this. But this is only due to love and affection. I forego my sleeping in many situations as it made me so. More than three times I waited over the corridors of ICUs in the hospitals to help my distant relatives without sleeping. One time as there was no persons to help I waited in the hospital when my senior got admitted into a hospital for mild heart attack. At that time his wife and daughters were in foreign country and till his mother in law arrival I was in the hospital, my wife and mother told me not to come home till her relatives comes to the hospital.
    Similarly a relative girl came to my house for some doubts in her Management and Accountancy Subject for her examination. I spent in teaching her till 1.30 Am.

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