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    The wait is over and a long cherished dream has come true!

    It is a moment of pride for every Indian. The much awaited Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya took place today. All decks are cleared and the temple would hopefully come up in the Somnath Mandir style in a couple of years as Prime Minister Narendra Modi today laid down a silver brick to mark the foundation ceremony of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

    Let us keep aside the politics revolved around it over decades. Since my childhood I used to think how the celebrations of Ramnavami at Ayodhya being the birth place of Lord Ram would be as we used to hear about the Janamastami celebrations at Madhura and the Shivaratri celebrations at Varanasi. Now a dream has come true and sure Ayodhya would be a place of visit on pilgrimage for us at regular intervals like other places of worship.
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    It is the matter of great self respect and pride that the Ram Rajya has been established and long waiting for grand temple is going to be reality sooner or later as the PM Modi made ground breaking ceremony for the temple to be constructed with right earnest. There was legal tangle for 21 years and the matter was taken to the highest court of the country and when the verdict was made clear that the land belongs to Ram Lala and claims of other parties dismissed at that very place and however the court has given the land for the mosque separately so that there should not be ill feeling between the communities. One thing is sure, the country is now facing the pandemic and the temple work is be started at the right time, and surely Lord Ram will pave way for clean India free from the disease soon so that everyone would visit the new temple after construction.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By the way, when I raised the thread on the same matter it was deleted without assigning any reason and now this one has started trending. Hope members would be allowed to say their feelings.

    {Note from the editor- Mohan, Just try to see the difference between your thread and this thread, the way it was conceived, the wordings, and the thrust involved was not acceptable and hence was deleted.}

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Jai Shree Ram
    After a long wait (Even God is made to wait) we are now going to see a big temple for Ram in his birthplace Ayodhya. More than a place of worship, it would become a tourist centre and would attract many foreign tourists to this Ram Janma Bhoomi.
    Jai Shree Ram.

    My dream - Ayodhya should be made the Capital of India.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. Many people lost their lives in this struggle. Many people worked very strongly on this. We are lucky we are alive to hear the verdict of the court and today we have seen the beginning. I pray God that we will go once in our lifetime there and see the newly constructed temple.
    Rama never behaved as if he is a separate identity. He suffered a lot and faced all the problems and come out successfully. His history will tell us how we should maintain human relations. He showed us the importance of Dharma in our lives. Like the life of Rama, the Ayodhya temple also suffered many problems and ultimately came out with flying colours. The temple in Ayodhya will be the best tourist spot in the coming years.
    I wish that the temple work will go as planned and will come out successfully. There are many people behind this success story and we all should thank them for their efforts. They made all of us proud today.

    always confident

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    No life without Sun

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    This is definitely a matter of great pride that a long disputed matter was resolved and finally the temple is coming in its original place. If we go back in history, invaders from outside had attacked India and in that process damaged many temples and places of worship. The Indian kingdoms at that time became a place for looting the gold valuables and other lucrative items for which the Indian peninsula was famous and still having that reputation. Being a peace loving territory, we did not fight with these invaders which they took as our weakness and ruled us for centuries. Today India is not that weak and meek country as we are now fully equipped to fight back the enemy from whichever direction it comes to attack us. Our religion is as important and honourable to us as any religion is to any tribe in the world. It is not a question of his God or my God. It is the question of survival of our culture and roots. We bow our head to our Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Hindu culture) and salute to all those who protect it.
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    King Babur who had demolished the temple long ago and built a mosque. The British too had to take key standing decisions related to the same piece of land. History has supported the right people to take over the lands today. This is a clear example that if we need to reach our goal our thoughts, actions and path should be our priority, then success will fall at our feet.
    The positive thoughts, hardships of unnamed persons who have spared their lives, their souls will be happy on this occasion. Ram Jhanma Bhoomi is going to be a tourist place and Uttar Pradesh will be well known for the upcoming generations.

    Lead the leader

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    The date of 5th Sug 2020 become a memorable day of our history.
    I have seen yesterday night there were many celebrations done by people at their own home, feeling like small Diwali. People were waiting for the last many years for this day. We should always remember that as we admire our God we should also follow the values followed by Lord Shri Ram and respect parents and elders.

    Swati Sharma

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    It is indeed a great moment for every Indian as the Bhoomi Pujan and the foundation stone was laid by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that will rise Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. The long wait of many people in our country has seen the sunshine and social media, TV and other medium were full of this news. Every religion has sentiments attached to it and for Hindus, it is much more as it is said to be the birthplace of Lord Ram. As per the design shown, it is in the style of the famous Somnath Temple and looks beautiful. Many people visited Ayodhya and prayed there even though there was no temple but being the birthplace of their Lord, it was a place of worship and peace. It is not in the temple but our devotion that makes it lovable and beautiful. The temple will add to devotion but it is true reverence and faith to the Lord that will make it pure and one with the devotees. Let the temple be a foundation for peace and harmony between people in our country.
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    The beauty of the Hindu religion is that it is not forced upon the people and people take it voluntarily. It is one of the unique religions of the world where complete freedom is there to abide by it or not. That is the reason why people observe it voluntarily and the whole of the world looks up to it with awe and amazement. 5th August will be remembered in the history of India a day of dignity and pride and I salute to the people who made it to happen.
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    To be frank, I am a bit astonished by the title of this thread. It says the wait is over and that a long-cherished dream has come true. What were we waiting for and was the nation as a whole waiting? And how and whose long-cherished dream has been fulfilled? I am not being political but let me, being a staunch Hindu myself, ask, why are we trying to convert the Bhoomi Pooja at Ayodhya into a national celebration? Ayodhya was always regarded as the birthplace of Lord Sri Ram and thus is closely associated with Hindus and has a special place in their hearts. But should we not accept that it gained prominence only after the Babri Masjid incident? I am not making a political statement but we all know how it happened and who gained.

    I am also happy that the Ram Janma Bhoomi dispute has at last been resolved, though, with the intervention of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. The Court has not gone into the historical details but has accepted the contention that it was a religious place closely connected to our culture and Hindu sentiments and thus decided, almost on the basis of a mutual agreement between the parties, that a Temple is to be constructed at the place, excluding the 1500 square yard piece of land that was in dispute, under the aegis of a trust to be constituted by the Government of India. It was also directed that a suitable plot measuring 5 acres should be handed over to the Sunni Wakf Board for the construction of a Mosque. So, that issue is solved, at least for the time being.

    Now the question is whether the occasion calls for a nationwide celebration? Is it historical as claimed by our PM or a section of the society? I doubt. I don't think the excitement would have trickled down to each and every corner of India. If we are to be factually correct, we would have to say that the celebrations or the excitement would have been limited to a major portion of North India and parts of the western region only. Hinduism is a religion (I prefer calling it a way of life, a culture by itself on a higher pedestal than religion) with so many Avatars and it is a known fact that different Gods/ Avatars have different prominence among believers from different parts of the Country. Like there are regions and castes that worship Lord Shiva as the main deity, then down South, we will find Lord Vighneswara getting prominence, moving to the East you will find Goddesses being worshipped with more importance and so on. What I want to highlight is that, though all Hindus believe in and worship Lord Rama, he is given more importance in only some parts of India. So, to say that the construction of the Temple in Ayodhya is a long-cherished dream or a historical event would be, in my opinion, stretching things too far.

    Yes, if, considering the demolition and ransacking of the old structure, building of a Mosque, destruction of the Mosque, all the riots and disturbances that ensued, the logical approach by the Apex court and the mature stand taken by the parties during the proceedings before the court and after the verdict, we are able to convert Sri Ram Temple as a symbol of religious and cultural unity and harmony, I would certainly, agree with all that it should be considered as a historical event.

    I am not getting into the appropriateness or otherwise of the involvement of our politicians, including our PM, in the whole issue since the length of my response has already crossed the limits.

    Kindly pardon me for posting this long response. I started with a doubt whether I should be posting this response but then I thought I need to, for the sake of balance and coherence. I have expressed my views as a common man without any bias or prejudice but at the same time being opposed to some sections with vested interests trying to make mileage of something that was destined to happen.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Let us take it as a matter of fact. A dispute is settled by the Apex court. Now the dispute is to be taken as settled. The court verdict may not satisfy one or other side. Or it may only partly satisfy both and both will remain half disappointed. This happens to every case. The present one also should be seen that way. We have to turn the page as the previous chapter is over and begin a new chapter.
    There will be always vested interests that thrive only on fanning and fuelling others' quarrels, disputes and mistrust. It is their living. We should not fall prey to that.
    There are many such elements who are disappointed that a longstanding dispute which was a good base for their business in now settled. They will still try to do to provoke the vulnerable people on both sides and would like to keep the embers burning. With our firm resolve we should defeat them.
    One way for that is not to celebrate the verdict unnecessarily but follow court's order in letter and spirit as a follow up act. There are many sensible and mature people on both sides who are sincere for the cause and to see that the issue and bitterness is thrown out for ever. It should be our endeavour to strengthen their hands and not to fall preys to the vested interests. Positive contribution is much different than posture.
    Lord Sri Ram showed us from his practical life how the order of the King has to be obeyed. He obeyed the orders for abdicating his legitimate right to throne and go for Vanavaasa. He completed the order in letter and spirit. He did not complain about it nor take up any other method to oppose that. Like Ram let us also be composed, calm and following the Honourable court's verdict and complete that in letter and spirit.

    The present settlement is the result of sincere hardwork and self less mature efforts of many people. Let us make their efforts worthy by keeping maturity and balance and go ahead with serious relevant work.

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