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    Acid attack on girls

    I watched a YouTube video of Ritz Dhawan, India's famous prank star. It's was absolutely shocking. The girl who did the prankster interact with had covered her face with her scarf, when, at insistence of prankster, she uncovered her face, it was utterly disfigured because of acid attack by her psycho boy friend. She narrated her story that her parents were against her marriage with that boy because he belonged to other caste, so she tried her best to convince him that their marriage wasn't possible but he was adamant not to leave her and oneday he called her and threw acid on her face. Although he was arrested by police and was sent to jail but thence her life was completely changed. Her parents had died. Now she's no kind hearted relative who could help her. She has no Job. Earlier she was working in a company but she lost her Job because of her ugly face.
    (However, prankster has got her job in a call center.)

    These girls who underwent this trauma need our help, respect and affection. But this is the ugly aspect of human nature that other boys and girls don't make them as their friends. This kind of treatment of society makes them realize that they are ugly.
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    Those people who perform such acts should not be considered as human beings. They are really Demons only. Unfortunately, in this democratic country protection will be more for such people more than the protection for the victims and the innocent people. The process of justice is very slow and it will take a long time to punish the culprits and the punishment also will not be so severe that no one will dare to do such acts again and again. In fact, such people should be brought to the victim and ask her to shoot him so that another person will never attempt such cruel acts.
    Why we should treat the people who suffered and lost their beauty because of these actions in a different way. We should show our sympathy and we should be helpful to them. We should extend our helping hand to them and see that they will stand strong and spend a happy life forgetting the problem they faced.

    always confident

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    Acid attacks on the girls is highly condemnation and those who indulge must be caught and given the death sentence. The life of the girl gets jeopardized with such attacks as she cannot show the face to others and thus by sulking and keep away from the crowd she would lose half confidence of her life. In AP especially in Vijayawada such incidence took place and the law has been taking its own time to nab the culprits and meanwhile the damage done to the girl was immense and she succumbed to the injuries. Sometimes the acid attack would disfigure the beautiful face of a girl and she would be made to weep all along the life as she cannot be accepted as a bride in this modern era and style and looks. And therefore stringent action against the culprits and wrong doers must be initiated and the law should not take too much time to give hang to death.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Acid attacks on girls these days have been very frequent. It's very sad that the culprits who do that are so cruel that they easily do it without thinking of the future of the victim.

    It's sad that this boy instead of trying to convince her parents threw acid on her face. What was the fault of this girl she was ready to marry him? .


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    There are many cases we heard approximately every two or three days. I don't understand these people, do they have a feel for anyone? These people have lost there thinking capability, and just think what they are doing is right so here our system should be more and more strict with this kind of people as there are so many cases raised daily these people should be punished in that way as they performed the crime, spending some years in the jail is not enough for them. They should feel the same pain that a girl had to feel because of them. All human has the same power and rights to live in this world as per their ways whether it is a girl or boy, gender can not determine the rights. Women should also take steps and come forward for their rights.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    There are many youths in our country who have gone in wrong territories and can do whatever they want without considering the consequences. It is not only the acid throwing on girls' faces but many other such mindless things that they do and the parents and society feels ashamed of those actions by these young people. The situation is worsening day by day. We are not able to provide employment to these people and as said that the empty mind is devil's workshop, they are doing all sort of mischiefs around. I think it is high time that to tame these miscreants some concrete policy like compulsory military training or large number of manual jobs are to be created for these young people so that their energies are channelised in good directions. When we say large number of manual jobs then we have to learn lesson from China. They have all modern machines and bull dozers for making a road in very less time but in Tibetan plateau or the extreme border sides towards magnolia and Siberia they employ more people and engage them in work ignoring the latest automatic digging or other earth moving machines. So intentional job creation is required today which may appear funny but it would engage the people. Embracing robots and computers will not help in this situation.
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