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    What do you do when someone knocks your door?

    Dear Members,
    These days, we find many people knocking our doors with a book or notice in hand and asking for donations for an orphanage or old age home or for a temple function or to help someone. They show a receipt book in which many entries appear with Rupees 1000, 500, and 100 as donations.

    On looking at this, what do you do? How do you react to such situations?
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    What I would do is - I will not disappoint them. I would say, " Look, every day I see people like you coming for donations. I do not know which is genuine and which is fake. Anyway, I don't want to disappoint you. I don't need any receipt. Just take this rupees 20 as a donation from me."
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    This is a good business for some people, they try to cheat people. Finally, get a good lump sum without any hard work. Some people are really genuine and require financial aid. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. If the donation receipt shows with a familiar address then we can easily identify they are genuine, I would donate some money.

    In Bangalore, my friend was regularly donating clothes to an ashram and also would receive a thanking receipt for the same.

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    After the lockdown such collection squad have come down. That is one blessing in disguise. Otherwise, the season was of festivals and w use to see people coming for collection from faraway places too.
    They know how to counter any avoidance and know how to extract money from any one. Usually we do not want o antagonise those who we may have to see on the road or in town frequently. So just to avoid nuisance we simple give at least the minimum they ask.
    They come with pre-printed receipt and show us the higher one first. On haggling they show a lesser one. When we insist for a small amount they show the 100. No one accepts 20 in our place. Minimum they take is 50, 100 or 250. The more local the more they extract. The local ones always bring someone familiar to us so that we cannot avoid them.

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    There is a saying in Tamil that Pathiram Arindhu Pitchai podu, that means know the vessel and then offer the alms. Here by referring to the vessel denotes to the condition of the person seeking alms or help. Naturally when the situation is serious and the pandemic has pushed many to the poverty, those who managing the orphanage, or asharams are not finding any donation given to them like past. I have seen one girl neatly dressed, with mask covered on her face, holding the donation box at the traffic signal in Hyderabad busy Tank Bund road seeking some donations be dropped in the box for the cause of orphanage and many are obliging. But someone knocks at the door and we are not knowing their antecedents and they seeking donation liberally is something a planned way of seeking money to which many households oblige.
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    A well-noticed point that is brought forward by the writer. The donation campaigns are common where people from temples, churches, mosques, orphanages, charitable associations, political parties and even clubs come to your doorsteps asking for donations to help people in need like flood affected, virus, school children, etc. Many are genuine and some are frauds and it is very difficult to wave them off as they look very real. Many group have a fixed rate like Rs.250/- or Rs.500/- as a minimum donation. They will show you the earlier receipt and would ask you to donate with a minimum amount. If I have to donate, I would give them the amount I can manage and not of their demand as it is charity work and not a compulsion, secondly, I would ask for a receipt as it needs to be registered or else, it will go in their pocket as it is not recorded.
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    Generally, I donate only if I know the people who came and requesting for help. Otherwise, I will give them a minimum amount say Rs,20/ or Rs.30/- and send them off. In our area we see many such people coming and asking for money. One or two old guys regularly come and they come once in a week. I give them Rs.100/- each whenever they come. If the person who came for donation is a known guy and if I feel that person needs some financial help. I will try to give him some good amount as donation and I will take the receipt. I will decide how much can be donated in a month and I will donate from them and once that money is over, I will start donating for that month.
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    Usually, we give them 10 to 20 rs. and sometimes food items to eat and cloths. We know that some of them are genuine and some are fake but it's not easy to determine at that time, so mostly I give all who came to my door but if a person has a fit body and no physical disability is there then we refuged to give anything and sometimes my family asked them for some works then we pay for the work, .........on the other hand, if there is a person who actually needs money then sometimes we help them as per our budget and their needs. Actually its all depends on the situations of the person on my door.
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    It is not easy to identify the fake party, all such donation- seekers maintain humble voice and show you a card or a printed literature incorporating the details of a family- members how badly he is suffering from blood cancer. With the generous donations, he could try to change his pathetic condition. Be a liberal donor to change his life for the better and afterwards, he would show you a list of the donors having paid Rs 1000/-, Rs 500/- as part of donations. In that way, they would encourage you to donate higher denominations.
    Now it will be your turn to tackle the situation smartly with an offering of Rs 20/- justifying your explanation that you are not the single party in this race, others do need help similarly. Though I am deeply pained to have gone this printed literature, but think of my case of entertaining so many parties with similar nature of fatal cases.

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    I was also doing same thing earlier that is to give them just Rs 10 -20 and cheer them up. Later when I shifted to a flat in a gated community where these people are not being allowed by the security guards to enter the premises so now I am not getting these knocks on my door.
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    It's very difficult to sort out which beggar is genuine and which one is fake or cheater. If anybody comes and knocks at my door, generally, I give him/her Rs 10 only without knowing his/her identity or raising any question.
    Now a days most of them are professional beggars. But doubting every beggar if I start saying NO to everyone, probably, someone who is really in need will be deprived of help.

    A beggar comes every Thursday for begging in our locality. Begging is his ancestral profession. Someone asked him how much money he earns every month. He replied - 'between 25k to 30k cash besides flour, clothes and other items and earnings on special occasions or festival is a separate package.'

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