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    Do you feel the excitement?

    Do you remember those days when you felt the excitement after receiving a gift or procuring a new item? I am sure most of you will say it's a childish affair and during childhood, everybody remains excited all the time. I do agree. Children remain engaged with the new item for a couple of days and after that, they are used to it. If it's a new gadget or an item of playing, they play with it all day long unless their parents rebuke them. Things begin to change when they grow up. They remain excited till they earn their first salary and thereafter for many there is no excitement. To them, it's only remembering 'those good old days' and thinking that childhood was the best period they have enjoyed. Is it the case with you? Have you lost the excitement and think too much about what are you doing or what is to be done? Excitements are little sparks that make you enthusiastic to carry out the work that you are doing now. Even getting a chance to taste a new food item or visiting a new place can make you excited. There are people who never feel the excitement but do such things as if it is a routine. Be curious, feel the excitement to carry out even very small issues that you are encountering for the first time. Let that spark remain with you all the time and then only you will be able to enjoy.
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    It is the natural feeling that the excitement would remain for few days only with a new gadget or the new thing acquired by us and as we use the same daily, the excitement reduce and over the course of time we may also feel to acquire the new one with some more best feature so that we can explore new things. This is the human tendency that our mind and heart wants always more and differently. Moreover the outside influence on our life is immense as we want to get those things which are owned by the others and even one step ahead quality. This weakness is well taken care off by the companies as they keep on churning out new products and we behave like a child that after acquiring a new product and having gone through all the features, still feel that a improvement of further quality would satisfy us and this is what happening in everyone life.
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    The author has started a very good and interesting discussion and I am tempted (in my excitement) to add something interesting from my side. In my own experience and opinion, every person in this world would be happy and excited to buy or to get a new item. Even if it is same model and same design the excitement is there. When I was in my school we were supposed to get a shoe replaced (after innumerable repairs by the local cobbler) only after 4-5 years and that also the cheaper version. But I had the same excitement which today I am getting by buying a new car. When I was studying in class IX (year 1965), I got my first spectacle which was made by a road side small vendor who could fit the eye lenses in the plastic frames by heating them on an ordinary burner. It costed me Rs 6 only at that time. But the whole day in my school I was moving with an erect neck and straight posture due to the excitation built up by that small gadget. I did not allow any of the student to take it out and test on his face. I think it is something inbuilt in us and on this aspect there is no difference between males and females. All are equally receptive and adore new things. Why it happens might be a matter of research for the psychologists but it is simply a matter of happiness and excitement for me.
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    Excitement is always there whenever we buy a new thing or we got a gift, even still, on my birthday I feel very excited about my gifts. There are many emotions all human being are carrying with them and no emotion would be stable for a long time, as the situation is changed the emotions also converted as per them, same with the excitement when we got something new we feel so happy just like we don't want anything else but after sometimes our demand and need would be changed and we could be excited about something else. Our excitement about things also changes as per age like when I was a child I excited about my new dolls and toys but when I was in college my demand was change and now I am excited about new books, diaries collection, buying a different kind of pen, etc. So, excitement is an emotion that will exist in human entire life but only things would be little change as per time.
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    The excitement in real sense is the enthusiasm and eagerness that one feels when they know of something that is going to happen, something they will get or of someone who will come. When we are kids, we get excited when there is a function in the house as we will get good food to eat, new clothes to wear, will get some gifts, etc. We also feel excited when someone who we love is coming home or we are going out for a tour, vacation, etc. As we grow, the exciting changes to getting new things and as mentioned, the salary for a few months then it becomes a routine and then it's searching for a new job, etc. It is also true that if we do not have any excitement in life, it becomes a normal and common thing which has a pattern and we do not have any spark for that work. Unless we have some sort of enthusiasm to get or achieve it, life becomes boring and dullsville.
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    We will have a lot of excitement when we received a gift or an award for the first time.
    I passed the tenth class and I stood first in our school. After joining in intermediate I was informed that I got merit scholarship. I was excited to know. The advantage with that scholarship is once we got it with our tenth marks it will continue till we complete our post-graduation if we are not failed in any exam. I remember the happiness I had on that day even today also. I distributed sweets to all my friends. But when got scholarship next year also, it has become routine and that much excitement was not there.
    In all the cases it will be the same. We will have the excitement for the first time, later on, we will not feel that much excitement. When the company gave me a brand new car for my personal use, my sons were in cloud nine. But after three years a new car replaced the car that was in use. My children have not shown that much excitement.

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    Excitement is the emotional burst of happiness on anything which brings a change in our lives. If I get a new shirt for myself then I would feel nice to wear it and would show to others also as how I am looking.
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