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    Have you ever been a negotiator to pacify the odds?

    Sometimes even in our families there would be face offs and non keeping of bonding between the persons lead to further escalation of already soar ties and thus a breaking ice negotiator would surely ease the situation and convince both the families to remove their doubts and ill feeling against each other and settle for new good relation. Have you ever got a chance to a chance and acted as a amicable negotiator much to the happiness of both the sides. I have the experience of uniting the almost divorce case to the happy living and good bonding family.
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    Negotiation is required in many areas. When we go for purchasing an item we will negotiate the price. People we have good negotiating skill may get the item for a better price. I have participated in many negotiations with the unions for the revision of salaries or workmen working in our Organisation. Every three years there will be an agreement with the Union of workers. The union will submit their charter of demands and the management will start negotiating with them and finally, both may come to an understanding. If not, the statutory officer may intervene and settle the issue. So during my long career many times I am the main negotiator from the management side.
    Mediating between the two parties also require some skills. But the important point here is that the two parties should accept you as a mediator. Then only we can do the negotiation and make them come to an understanding. If any one of the two interested parties are not ready to accept you as a mediator, you can not convince them. Then we may have to be away from such negotiation.

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    It happens in our families many times that some conflict arises due to different mind sets of the family members and in that situation being the senior members of the family it becomes our duty to pacify the individuals and bring peace and harmony back. But it requires great skills because at times both the parties would feel that only they are right and would try to get the favour of the senior person or the leader of the house. So, the leader has to be very cautious and alert as not to favour anyone and give a impartial verdict in these case. The negotiation is an art and only a few people have got expertise in that as it requires a good amount of patience and empowerment on oneself.
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    Negotiation is a basic nature of human, people negotiate at every place for example, during job interview we negotiate for salary, Infect I think people sometimes negotiate with the power of GOD some ways like God please if you don't want to give me this job then it's ok another one also will do, it is also kind of negotiation. Many times in our family we negotiate with each other when planning to go somewhere or getting new items etc.
    To be a perfect negotiable person keep in mind when we start a negotiation we should must concentrate on those points where we have the same thoughts or ideas then we discussed points where we want to negotiate.

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    Negotiation is visible in most of our daily lives. Housewives negotiate with their family members at various points to build a better bond. Bargaining is also a part of negotiation well tackled by housewives in the purchase of vegetables, dresses. Gold, silver, furniture and other items from regular usage products to everlasting assets.

    Negotiations are also necessary to maintain a healthy working environment with colleagues. Negotiations can be positive and negative. Negotiations help us to solve problems at the initial stages.

    Communication skills and right timing plays a major role in building the trust of the person who is a listener in negotiation.

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    I had occasions to negotiate and reach settlement. The success depends on the matter in dispute, the attitude of the opposing sides and even our own knowledge in the matter and patience.
    At least in one case it was really testing and it took many rounds of common and separate discussions to arrive at a mutually agreed settlement.
    What I had experienced is that once the rival side is convinced that we are unbiased and do not have any selfish interest in the matter and we are sincerely devoting our valuable time and service for them, they gradually reduce their stubbornness and entrust us to find amicable ways. Except probably one case in all other cases this is what I could experience and that helped to each a very good settlement acceptable to both sides.
    In one case it was so unique that after I got involved the parties found that they were cheated and exploited by others till no and there was actually not much dispute between them. So they gave me a blanket permission to decide, but I did it taking all points and did an unbiased matter of fat settlement beneficial to both.
    I was nominated for training on Community mediation conducted by State Legal Service Authority, to be held in March. But due to lockdown situation that did not take place.

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