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    When competition is tough one has to tighten the belts to progress ahead

    Some of my 'aspiring to become a writer' friends tell me that they tried to contribute in some sites but the competition is too much there and the new person cannot make a place for him and then he or she quits in desperation. I was surprised to hear this. When a new person who is aspiring to become a writer or sort of contributor joins a site then he has to see the level of contributions in that site and get the feedback on his work and then improve to those standards so that his submissions are also acknowledged and given due considerations. If the person does not follow this line and does not do the requisite hard work and simply quits because of future apprehensions then it means he is not a fighter. He would meet same fate whichever site he or she registers and finally opt out of his aspirations. In essence, whatever one wants to achieve cannot be achieved with imaginations, it requires concrete efforts and focussed approach with sustained hard work. There is no easy way out. Members may like to comment on this.
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    we should not give up our attempts till we get the desired results. This should be the aim of all of us. This we have discussed earlier also. It may be related to any aspect, if we made a goal we should be able to reach that goal. What is required to reach the goal? That we should understand and do our work in that direction and we have to improve. We may have to struggle a lot and change our approach methodology or learn new techniques or skills to accomplish our goal. We should focus on the goal and positive progress in every attempt and should continue to attempt until we get the desired result. We may have to work further hard when the competition is very high.
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    Every position and place is indeed filled with competition, be it in family, society, any internet site, channels, workplace, etc. Even when we are driving our vehicle on the road, there is a competition of driving on the correct lane, at the correct speed, following the traffic rules and reaching the desired place on time safely. Be it school, college, sports, etc, everywhere we will have a competitor whom we have to fight to sustain. It is not that they or you are best but until you keep your fight going, you cannot survive. In the same way, when we join any new site, workplace or organisation, we may find may experience and senior person contributing and working with good speed, creativity and enthusiasm and there are times we may feel left out or not able to cope with them. We just need to keep in mind that when they started, they too were fresher and had to fight hard and learn through mistake which has got them to the place and position they are at present. So it good to be ready to learn from our mistake and from the good of others that can take us long in our journey in any field.
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    I strongly believe in the proverb "Try, Try, But Don't Cry". It is really foolish to quit the race by just looking at the huge number of participants. In fact, I see the number of participants from a different perspective. If I am getting 1st in the competition where only 5 people participated and on the other instance I am getting a 3rd prize where 25 participants contested, then I am more happy with the 3rd rank award. Simply because in being 1st I have excellled over only 4 participants and in second case when I get 3rd rank, I have raced over to 22 participants.
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    When the competition is strong keeping the winning flow is something destined for some and they keep on winning against the all odds. Let there be more members for competition and there be class among them and that would not only determine our competition level and also the flow of participating with great knowledge and sharing something extra which others failed to gather or share. And being on your own is important though some overtures would be done to undermine our performance and at the end of the competition it can be seen that those who have done superlatively with extra information are adjudged winners.
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    Nowadays competition is everywhere in every field, People should give their level best an do not be depressive if their efforts are more then their achievements. One thing which I strongly believe that never loses your hope weather situations are not in your favor now but there would be a day when you make them in your favor by your hard work and efforts. People did not give more value to those things which they got by chance or by their elders but when we do hard work and then whatever we get is our real victory. Our experience could be bad or good both but we have to learn from both experiences. Take your failure as a lesson from life to learn from it.
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    Competitions are necessary in order to understand better. It may be any subject or any information. Never ever give up. Participate to understand what went wrong, work hard on the weak points to improve. One day we will reach the levels. We are always learners that humbleness should be deeply sowed into our minds so that we may not fall prey to quitting unless it is at the cost of ourselves or our family.
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    No doubt today we are living in a competitive world. If we become lazy and delay our efforts then soon we would be out of the game and suffer because of our inefficiencies. Whether competition is easy or tough what matters is at which stage we are there in it. Whether we are at the top side or bottom side. It makes the whole difference.
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