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    Is India a secular nation?

    We say that India is a secular nation. Are we really secular?
    Why this doubt raised in my mind is - A PM of a country should be apart from religion. He is supposed to treat and love every religion of India equally.
    Yesterday, our Honourable Prime Minister of India has participated in 'Bhoomi Puja' at Ayodhya and laid the foundation stone for the construction of Ram Temple in a place where a Masjid was demolished.
    Now, a new Masjid might be coming up in a new site allotted by the government as ordered by the Supreme Court.
    Will Prime Minister Modi lay the foundation stone for construction of a Masjid as he has done for the Ram Mandir? If he does it, we can call India a secular nation without any doubt.
    What is your view on this?
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    According to the constitution, India is a secular State!
    But the present situation is nothing to do according to the constitution.
    A similar scenario is prevalent across the globe. In Turkey, the President who was the PM first has been mobilizing the masses in the name of religion.
    We the masses should think about the nation and keep on doing our duties honestly and remember that politicians are only to govern the nation for their selfish motives. They are never at the receiving end, whereas the masses are always at the receiving end in every calamity.
    I believe in our constitution and still say that India is a secular state. Puja at Ram Mandir should be taken as a positive manner as one of the dividing factor used by the politicians has ended and now peace will prevail! Who did it is not important, if we all love our country?

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    If the construction committee of the Masjid invites him to lay the foundation stone in the capacity of The Prime Minister of India, he should accept and do that. He should not say no to that.
    Even our Prime Minister is also an Indian. He is having his right to be in any religion he wanted. As a person, he can go to any place of worship he wants. We are seeing many Chief Ministers attending the celebrations of various festivals of different religions. That they are doing in the capacity of CM. But as a person, they will have their religion. Even some people belonging to other religions attended the Bhoomi Pooja yesterday I believe. The rulers should be unbiased towards any religion in the country and they should treat all equal.

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    There is absolutely no doubt that India is a secular country. It means that people are free to observe any religion and follow it and Govt would not distinguish between the people based on religion. So, people should only follow the religion in which they believe. No religion would get protection by the Govt in any way or any form. From that stand point our PM is following the religion in which he believes. There is nothing fishy in that.
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    India is still a secular, socialist, democratic state and hopefully it will remain intact.

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    There are many religions and cults in India and all are allowed to observe their respective religion freely and can build their worshiping places and visit them as per their own schedule. So, from that point of view India is one country where a lot of freedom is given for individual beliefs, culture, religion, and other practices and many countries in the world even aspire to become like that. So, our peculiarity and strength lies in our unity in diversity which is often a difficult proposition in such mixed environment. So, we are truly a secular nation in those respects. There is a misconception in the minds of the people that the persons in big positions like PM, President, Governors etc have to observe all the religions. I think it is not so. Religion is not an official protocol in our democracy and people in big positions cannot be asked to follow all the religions. It is not practically possible also. So, religion should be separate from the state matters but if a person has faith in a particular religion, we cannot stop him for visiting that particular religious place during a ceremony. He has fundamental right to do so.
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    There is no doubt in it that India is a secular country, constitutionally. It is well said in the thread that a PM of a secular country should stay apart from religion but does it mean to love every religion in the country or to rise above religion and separate it from public discourse? What we see nowadays is an appeasement policy to win the hearts of the people of various caste, creed and religion. The idea is secularism but it is not followed by the politicians. Religion has become an integral part of public discourse which is not desirable. Every individual must be treated equally in a country irrespective of his caste, creed, religion or skin colour. Every politician will say that twice - while countering the opposition who is in power and while taking an oath in the parliament or assembly. We all know what is happening all around the globe and India is no exception to it. I think there is no need to describe such things in details here.

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    I do agree with the fact that the PM of the country should have the secular credentials as he is leading everyone and every religion through his office and post. But here is the problem he could face. While he felt very happy while laying the foundation stone for the grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya as the long cherished dream come true for every Hindus of the world. he would be ready to lay the foundation stone for the grand mosque also. But the so called accredited secular parties would raise objections for that and thus he may dissuade. Why because there was a huge trending from the haters of the PM Modi that they took to social media by protesting his Bhumi Pujan and tweeted that they are not in the 130 crore population. That means every good act done by the PM has much haters and he will not prolong this hatred in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I personally feel that it would have been a different issue if Shri Modi would have inaugurated the function by just laying the foundation stone but he has gone a step ahead by participating in the Bhoomi Pooja which is surely a point that needs to be considered seriously.

    Inaugurating a function, be it of any organisation, religious or otherwise, in his capacity as the Prime Minister of this country is acceptable but Bhoomi Pooja is certainly a religious ritual and while Shri Modi has every right to be part of it as an individual, it was certainly not appropriate of his position as the Prime Minister of this nation to do so. We should remember that the Supreme Court, in the final verdict in the Babri Masjid case, has categorically said that the Temple should be built by the Trust that is formed for the purpose thereby making it absolutely clear that Governments, State or Centre, should not be involved.

    Though I don't think anyone can harm or put our secular structure to danger by this single act or part of a series of acts that we have been witnessing for some time now, it is certainly against the secular principles enshrined in the Constitution of India. Shri Modi may (?) also inaugurate the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Mosque (whether they will invite him is another question that also needs to be pondered upon) that is proposed to be built in Ayodhya but will he take part in the pre or post-religious rituals connected to the function? I don't think anyone will have a doubt. Every citizen of India has the right to believe and profess the religion he belongs to and our PM too, being primarily a citizen of India, is no exception; but as PM, he should be exercising some restraint in the interests of the nation.

    India is still secular and will, hopefully, remain to be so so long as the rights ensured by our Constitution are not meddled with. The secularist principles enshrined in our Constitution are not so weak that it can lose its prominence just because our Prime Minister has allowed his personal interest to stand on a higher platform.

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