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    If you are not alert, world is a crooked and cruel place

    All of us pretty well know that life is a big challenge and one has to cope up with that with whatever ability and capability one has got. Even after doing that there are so many crooked and cheat people present in this world which can dupe and cheat you anytime if you are not alert and cautious about it. We are hearing many instances of online cheating and other frauds which are being carried out by these bad elements and simple and gullible people are losing their hard earned money. The irony is that if you lodge a complaint then all arts of sermons would be given to you as why you were not alert in the very first place to check such happenings to you. So, people would not sympathise and find faults with you only. World is a place full of crooked and cruel people . What do you think?
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    Yes. There are all types of people on this earth. We don't know who is good and who is bad? Many times we see a person and feel that he is good. But afterwards, we may hear that he is not a good person. There are many incidents where people were easily got cheated by unknown people. There are crooked people and cruel people also. We hear many incidents where innocent girls are molested by cruel people.
    These days online frauds are also on increasing mode. We hear about many people losing money by telling the OTPs to somebody who made and asked them. We all know that we should keep some issues very secret. But sometime we will be disclosing unwanted issues without thinking or without much concentration on what we are doing. All they see will lead to loss of money. We will be under tremendous tension when we lost a good amount of money. Even though we recover that money, the tension we experienced will have a lot of say on our health.

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    The world was full of crooked and cheats and is also same today and in future also they are going to be there. We do not get any respite from them in that matter. Only thing is we have to be alert and should not act on our impulses. Sites would attract us and lure us only to take money from us. Intelligent businessmen have siphoned money from the banks as loan and one fine day disappeared from the country and started living in some foreign country where our police cannot arrest them. They are cheats but enjoying life in a posh bungalow having a swimming pool in the backyards in foreign locale. There are many other examples where people cheat others and some people even cheat their own nation also and fly away. World is a cruel place for us who are cheated by them as for them it is place to enjoy in luxury hotels on others cost.
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    Most of the people are selfish and crooked now a days. They can harm everyone to any extent for their own profit and benefit. They don't mind how much and how big problem other people will face because of their ruse. They get their work done at any cost. The best way to protect ourselves from them is that we should trust nobody. I've been cheated by 2/3 people in my life. One of them was my close friend. He always talks in sweet voice with smile which wins every heart. Now I've severed my close ties with him but I still welcome him if he visits my home because I can't be rude to him or any other such person at my door. When most of them are deceptive you can't quarrel or fight with everyone.
    However, I don't initiate to meet these people and always try to avoid them.

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    In this world, we find many people in our life some are staying with us for a long time and some of them would be with us for a few time. When we meet someone we have a sense of power to feel that the person is actually what wants from us, but sometimes we do not recognize the wrong person and sometimes we have to pay for it.
    It is not so simple to know that what exactly in mind of others, Many people cheated by their own family or friends and maybe an unknown person to whom we may not know properly, help us. We should keep in our mind to be soft and humble with other but don't allow them to make you fool. At the same time also we should remember that be aware or alert is a good thing but don't be mistrustful, otherwise, it would create problems in your happy life.

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