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    E-book of friendship short stories contest winners

    It was jolly good fun organizing the Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge contest and it was jolly good fun, as well, for the jury members to go through each story. Thanks to all the 15 participants (and the 16th mystery writer as well!) for taking up the challenge. We reviewed each entry by analyzing the manner in which the inherent challenges were taken up and not just the story itself. After some intense discussions, we reached the consensus of awarding only one each of the first, second and consolation prizes.

    The winning cash prize of Rs.130/- goes to Reena Upadhya, the second prize winner of the cash award of Rs. 100/- is Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and a consolation prize of Rs. 75/- goes to Saji Ganesh.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    We had also announced bonus points and cc for the three best titles. Accordingly, 5 points and 5 cash credits will be given to Nadeem Naqvi (Friendship is a God's Act), Varghese (Friendship: The succour for life), and Jagdish (Sacrifice thy name is Friendship). Well done! This bonus will be in addition to the points and cc that will be credited to your story in the announcement thread later.

    Sankalan Bhattacharya, as the non-registered mystery writer, was not eligible for the main prizes but will be rewarded with 10 points and 10cc as per the review of the story he submitted. Thanks, Sankalan, for your time and effort to be part of this contest.

    Other participants will also get points and cc as per our discussion on your stories. Entries that were considered invalid will get a few points for participation, but no cc.

    Look out for some more exciting contests this month!
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    The results are announced very fast and my appreciations to ISC for that. I congratulate all the winners for their excellent stories which deserve the prizes. I also congratulate the best title winners also. I hope and wish that the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming days. I wish them all the best.
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    I would like to congratulate the E-book of friendship short stories contest winners - First prize winner Reena Upadhya for her story "Laughter fairy unites old friends", Second prize winner Dr. Deepali Gangwar for her story "Faith in Friendship Wins" and consolation prize winner Saji Ganesh for his story "A story of divine friendship".

    I would like to thank the jury of the E-book of friendship short stories for announcing bonus points and cc for the three best titles to Nadeem Naqvi for his title "Friendship is a God's Act", Varghese for my story title "Friendship: The succour for life" and Jagdish for his story title "Sacrifice thy name is Friendship."

    I also take this opportunity to thanks to all the 16 participants (15 participants and 1 mystery participant) who have all tried their best to write down a story on friendship within the constraint time of 13 hours and also following other challenges of the contest. I would also thank the organizers, jury and ISC for coming up with such unique competition and listing the result within a stipulated time. Keep up the good work and keep on contributing to the same dynamism.

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    Congratulation to all winners.
    Swati Sharma

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    My best wishes and congrats to first cash prize of Rs.130/- winner Reena Upadhya, the second prize winner Rs. 100/- Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and a consolation prize of Rs. 75/- winner Saji Ganesh.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Congratulations to Reena Upadhya, Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and Saji Ganesh for winning the competition. The stories were wonderful. It was fun and hope to see such competitions in near future.
    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the E-story contest. All the stories are very interesting and the three selected entries are the best of the best, I can say. It is also nice to know that best story titles have won additional points and c.c and it would be an encouragement for the participants to give catchy titles.

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    This was really an interesting contest where the participants submitted their stories in a continuous chain of time beads separating them for not more than a specified 13 hour. Now the results are announced and I take this opportunity to congratulate the winners Reena Upadhya, Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and Saji Ganesh for their outstanding contributions.
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    Heartiest congratulations to all the three short story writing winners Reena, Ganguli and Saji Ganesh and the three title winners Nadeem Naqvi, Varghese and Jagdish.

    However, I feel sad for discussing and reducing the number of prize winners into half after the contest. This is a strange decision by ISC. This was not expected from ISC. Why should there be a discussion after the announcement? Does it happen anywhere in the world? I don't think so. ISC thy name is peculiar too.

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    My congratulations to all the winners of the contest. It was an exciting contest and all the stories are unique. My best wishes to all the participants and hope many such exciting contests will be organised in the coming days.

    [Points and cc as the Mystery Writer have been credited here.]


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    Thank you ISC team for organizing e-book of friendship short stories contest. I am glad that I won first prize. I congratulate the other co-winners and the participants who won rewards for titles for their stories. Every story was an impressive one and thus, I appreciate every participant for their hard work. Looking forward to participating in many such contests.

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    Hearty congratulations to the winners of e-book stories on friendship making a difference in celebrating friendship day. It was really wonderful to ensure that I was a part of this contest. Editors are quick in arriving at contest prizes which seems to be a good thing than anticipated.
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    I congratulate all the winners of the story writing contest. The winning stories were good. I wish those writers who won for unique titles.

    I felt sad regarding one decision of the editorial team. Suddenly prizes for the contest were reduced, which left an awful impact. To make such a harsh decision does not go well with ISC's 13th birthday. Well, it's your choice, and members have no say.


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    Congratulations to the title winners Reena Upadhya, Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and Saji Ganesh. In this tough contest, they came out as true winners. Well done members. Hope you will continue the same spirit in the comings day too.

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    Hearty congratulations to the winners namely Reena Upadhya, Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and Saji Ganesh for this ebook short story contest. There was very good response to this unique contest. As we had to submit the story in a particular time frame irrespective of our other personal commitments, it was very challenging to do so but I was also able to do it and enjoyed the contest much and thank the organisers for the same. ISC is giving us good opportunity to sharpen our writing skills and we would also try to enrich it with whatever our humble efforts.
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    Yes, I am aware that some of you are disappointed that not all the announced prizes were given. Actually, this is not the first time that this has been the case and we've mentioned it, too, but it has not been remarked upon, quite likely since it went unnoticed.

    Please try to understand that certain awards are announced keeping in mind a few things, including the possibility of multiple entries being worthy of it. When the entries are not up to the mark in some way or another and the jury genuinely does not consider it prize-worthy, would it be fair to give an award for it? We are not deliberately holding back prizes and in fact, on a few occasions, the jury members were disappointed that there was a lack of recipients for all the announced prizes.

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    Hearty congratulations to Reena Upadhya and Deepali Gangwar for winning the first and second prizes respectively in the e-book of friendship short stories contest! I also congratulate all the participants for coming up with good entries for the contest.
    I thank the jury for the consolation prize and all of you for the felicitations.

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    The cash rewards to the winners have been credited.
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    I congratulate the E-book short stories contest first prize winner Reena Upadhya and consolation prize winner Saji Ganesh. I thanks to ISC for my prize and thanks to all the members for their wishes. I congratulates all the participating members who have contributed their stories and made the contest a success. It was a unique contest full of excitement, thrills and mysteries. I thanks to Vandana ma'am for the organising this contest in such a beautiful manner. I enjoyed the contest very much.

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    My hearty congratulations to Ms Reena Upadhyay and Dr Deepali Gangwar for winning the first and second prizes for the contest respectively. I also want to congratulate Mr Saji sir for winning consolation prize for the same contest. Many thanks to all the participant for the participation and make it a success.

    I also want to congratulate Mr Nadeem Naqvi, Mr Varghese, and Mr Jagdish for the best titles for the story of the contest. Many thanks to Vandana madam for arranging such a wonderful contest which really motivate me to write the story and other creative articles.

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    My hearty congratulations to the winners of the Ebook of friendship short story contest Reena Upadhya for getting the first prize, Dr. Deepali Gangwar for getting the second prize and Saji Ganesh for getting the consolation prize. I also congratulate other members who have got enhanced points and cash credits.

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    @ Rizwan

    No body has received enhanced points and cash credit till now.


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    Shampa, enhanced points and cc has been announced and will be credited in due course. I don't find any reason to highlight the point as the winners were announced just two days back.
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    Congratulations to Reena Upadhya, Dr. Deepali Gangwar, and Saji sir for securing first, second, and consolation prize respectively in the E-book of friendship short stories contest.

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    Saji Sir,

    I have not highlighted anything. I read Syed Rizwan's congratulatory message in which he mentioned about the enhanced point and cc to other participants. Soon, I checked the stories, but I found nothing of that sort. Thus, I just clarified him and wrote nothing else.


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    Since ISC has discussed and reduced the number of winners after the contest, ISC has saved about 305 rupees. I sincerely recommend that this Rs. 305 (300)may please be distributed among 12 participants equally (300/12 = Rs. 25) This would encourage the members' participation in future contests.
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    Congratulations to all the winners of this E-book friendship stories contest.
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    #706986. Not a valid explanation and not a convincing one.
    Firstly, All the 15 participants who volunteered to write a 13 hrs short story on the 13th birthday of ISC have done their best by participating in the contest without fail.

    Secondly, All the 15 short stories relating to friendship have been narrated well within 313 words.

    Thirdly, Everyone started their story with the last word ended by the previous story writer.

    I won't agree that there were no 6(six) stories eligible for the award. Generally, ISC used to take more than a week to announce the results. But in this contest, it took a record-breaking short period to announce the results. This means that the juries did not take sufficient time to go through the stories, but a quick evaluation was done.

    Keep aside the issue. Let me know the defect in my story. I have given importance to number 13 in my story which no one did. Mine is a well-constructed story of friendship with might, fight, friendship, upkeeping of promise, and fun to smile at last with a good end. What else can be a better story than this!

    I would say that the juries need to be fine-tuned to read and understand the writings of the members who are putting in their best efforts in contests. According to the juries, only 20 percent (3/15)of entries were good. The rest 80 percent (12/15) entries were poor. Is it? This underestimates the members of ISC like educational sites.

    Very poor evaluation of stories by the Juries, I must say.

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    The points and cc have been credited just now as per the evaluation of the jury. Thanks once again to all the participants. There will be no more discussions on this.

    Sankalan - your points and cc has been credited to your response in this thread. Thanks for your support as the mystery writer.

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