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    Have you ever tried "Acting" in real life?

    Acting is not only a thing for film/TV actors. Every person in the world has done "Acting" of some sort to survive in life. If we observe carefully, right from a baby crying for chocolate to a daughter hiding her sad marital life from her parents, we have several real life actors on every step of day to day life. Sometimes we are very fearful of a situation but we have to "act" fearless and smart. Sometimes our heart tearing apart with pain but we still have to manage a pretty sweet smile on our face.

    Many times if parents are fighting and kids pop up in the scene, wise parents try to act happy with each other to avoid bad effect on children's emotional health.

    We see hundreds of such actors and their acting in daily life. Have you ever tried this sort of acting? Do you consider yourself a good actor?
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    In fact love, bonding, friendship and even the daily life is the drama and we are all acting in one way or the other to get rid of the situation. If the boy ask for some packet money, the father refuses to part with because he wanted the child should not go the wrong way, but the mother would oblige the same boy with some money saved and stored inside the dal box or somewhere, When the child cries, the father would scold further to keep quiet and should not cry louder, But the mother would pacify the child. When there is quarrel between the two families over the misadventure of the child for the misbehavior ,, the elders would be at the logger heads, but the young ones would mingle and continue their bond of friendship as if nothing happened in the past. All these are traits of acting by everyone and some does with more elan.
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    Many times I have done this, I believe that we all played a different role in our life as in daughter, sister, brother, friend, parents, etc. and all roles have their own demands so it's very natural to acts in different ways in different roles. Sometimes my both sister in law had some issues but they act like everything fine between them When I am with my nephew I act like a small young girl so she feels comfortable talking to me. Many times kids at home acting like they don't have anything to play and get upset and make us influence to play with them or buy new toys for them.
    I think we all are the best actors and actresses at our place.

    Swati Sharma

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    Sometimes circumstances force us to act and everyone has a real actor in him/her. There would be an untold story on every smiling face and it would be revealed only when it is unmasked.

    In lighter note, it happens in every work place. We don't know what happens inside the chamber of the Boss but the real actor in an employee would come out as if nothing has happened and pretends that the Boss treated him well.


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    No one will be exempted from this. Every person has to act sometime or another in his/her life. To satisfy the ego of the boss sometimes we may have to act as if we are very obedient to him. To see that other people are happy we have to talk very sweetly even though we have some pain inside. When we go to eat in somebody's house even though the dishes are not tasty we have to act as if they are very tasty and we are enjoying that food.
    To make our kids laugh we may act like a small kid sometimes. These are all very essential in our life to have a peaceful to live.
    Some times we are not happy with the behaviour of the other person, we may act as if we are OK with his behaviour so that the relations will not get spoiled. This acting is also diplomatic behaviour.
    Sometimes even though we are in deep sorrow because some unwanted happening in our domestic front we have to act as if nothing happened and we have to perform our work without any disturbance and we may have to act very bold those time even though we have fear inside. These are the instances where we have to act and hide our original feelings.

    always confident

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    It is a part of life. The drama without any camera happens in our everyday life. We also can coincide when we visualise it in films. Depending on the circumstances our actions are related, modified and played. We have to show happiness, sorrow, pain, anger, enthusiasm all as a part of acting. This actions will be very well notified by our family members who become our spectators.
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    Yes many times I have acted when I don't get leaves in office I have acted like I have been suffering from illness or my wife suffering from fever.

    I remember once in school I had a class test and I had not studied so I acted and told that I have a stomach ache so that I might not be allowed to sit in the test. I was sent back home in the school van.


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    Acting! Well ! Yes!
    I too have acted many times in front of my family members and friends. Usually when a friend approaches me for some kind of help and support and I, myself am having some tricky situations in my life, I act in front of that friend- an act showing I am extremely happy and yes certainly when I act so I actually give them a good solution which works well for them.

    Acting in real life is indeed tougher than acting in reel life. Being a model I have done a few video songs but I would certainly say that acting of reel life is quite easier as nobody catches the real you. But when it comes to acting in real life- it's too tough as your family and even somerimes your friends catch you red-handed with your inside emotions and lonelier version of you at that time. It's difficult to act in front of them as they know us more than we ourselves do.

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    The author has raised an interesting post and it is becoming difficult to say that I do not act as no one would believe me. So, going with the stream, I also act time to time to safeguard myself from disturbances and bad situations. Acing in our life, though it is an art, helps us in many circumstances to come clean out of that unfavourable situation. We might not observe what we do but when we go to see a theatre then we realise what are the potential and opportunities in the acting especially its extreme forms. The difference is in the amount of acting. Some resort to it too much and observe it whether it is needed or not while some are very specific and resort to it occasionally.
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    Nice a thought provoking thread. I would say that I am a good actor as I have many times tackled the given situation through my acting.
    Your thread teleport me to my childhood days. In school our principal was against growing long hair. Our sport teacher was always on the vigil. Being creative student my sports teacher was mostly in need of me. He would never look at my hair, which were mostly tidy and short. My friends had a bet that if I could grow my hair and still avoid punishment from principal sir.
    I took the challenge and unfortunately one day during the morning assembly our principal was bit upset. He asked the sports teacher to collect all the students who have long hair and get them to his office right after the assembly. I was also picked and my classmates were smiling over this. The moment we were taken to the principal office he took his scissors and started to cut a log of hair. When the principal sir came to me, I instantly said that I have stiff neck for past 15 days and therefore I am not able to have haircut. I was pardoned post principal sir asked the sports teacher to twist my neck, over which I screamed when he tired to turn my neck.
    Thanks for making me to remember and funny moment of my life.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    It's kind of meaty thread which tends us to nostalgia. Almost all members who have participated in this thread so far have accepted doing acting, sometime or another, in past. I'm also not exempted from befooling the people, especially, my parents, teachers and sometimes, friends too by acting and lying innocently during my school days. How stupid activities I used to perform just to bunk the class.

    Sometimes, my confidant friend would disclose my secret to class teacher, then I had to face anger of teacher as well as parents. Thus I'd be punished twice- in class and at home.

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    It was indeed a topic which sent us all in nostalgic state of mind. Though we continue to act in our life on daily basis for tackling some adverse situataions, the innocent acting memories of childhood and school days are always something we cherish through out life.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    So in the end we realize we were all acting. The world was the stage and life was the script.

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