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    The weight of the answer scripts!

    I am not much concerned about the thickness of your books during your student days but interested to know something about the examination. Not the marks that you have scored but the way you wrote the answers. Think of the question papers. It was, I am sure still is, mentioned on the top of the question papers of all the subjects that answers must be to the point and marks will be deducted for bad handwriting. Now I have seen many of my friends asking for a number of answer sheets during some exams. They used to write so much to make things very clear to the examiner. I have heard from a lot of students and parents from various schools that there are a few teachers who award marks on the basis of the thickness of the answer scripts. Even they said there are some colleges famous for this act. I am surprised by one thing. We post articles on various topics and if the subject of your topic is not related to your profession then you have to read a lot to concise things into a couple of pages. I am not aware of any such equation as if you read this number of pages, you will write it on this particular number of papers. But there is a general notion that we remember much less compared to what we read at a time. I wonder how many pages those students read to make the answer scripts so heavy. Though there are many instances where the students wrote gibberish to make it appear heavier, fortunately, I didn't get a chance to read them. Members, how thick were your answer scripts?
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    The author has raised the best thread which needs to be discussed. In any exam there are enthusiastic students who have prepared well for the exams would be exited to give the best presentation to each answer and even give the image representation for each answer which is not required at all. As the answering gets bigger and bigger, the extra sheets are attached to it and the answer scripts would weigh more. It is the fact that the examiner gets impressed on seeing a fat answer sheet in front of him and he would certainly take the same for reviews and corrections. But here comes the main take. The answer should be right, the illustration or images thus shared should be corresponding to the answer and above all there are every chance of writing answers more than required and there should not be confusion in awarding more marks.
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    some students think that answer tell about the student's capability to write, some think long answer means more marks, on the other hand, some says the teacher may not read the whole answer and give us marks as per the length of the answer so different mentalities are having by students. The best way should be for answer writing is to give the message of your knowledge to the teacher. When I was in college there were specific words count for the answers in different parts so it was quite easy for me to write answers, apart from that I was a science student so when I mentioned charts or diagrams, here I describe related functions as well and do not need to explain them in words or paragraph, which saved my time and wordcounts. As far as writers are concerned I think the main aim of writing an article is to convey our thoughts to the reader so the article should be clear to understand by others and also relevant to the topic.
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    If the subject on which we are writing an article is new, we may have to refer books and get some knowledge and then make a write-up. In this process, we may not be able to remember all the point and we may be writing only some points only.

    Some teachers value the answer sheets and give based on the length of the answer one has written if the question is an essay type. So some students used to give good space between the lines and see that the length will appear more.

    Some students write big letters and make their writings very clear. Some will have to habit of writing very small letters. The teacher who is valuing the answer sheets will be more comfortable if you write big letters and clearly.
    Some times I have seen some students attempting the same question more than once also. All these issues will result in the usage of more or fewer additional sheets. But this should not matter for the teacher who is valuing the answer sheets, He has to see the correctness of the answers and accordingly he has to award marks.

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    Any answer has two parts in it - one is the content and other is elaboration. The examiner would give marks for only the content and not for the elaboration. When I joined ISC, I wrote a few articles one by one and many of them were lengthy and elaborate and I used to get 40-50 points for them. Then one day I got an idea on which I wrote a crisp article and there was no elaboration as the subject was like that and I thought that it was too short an article but I was awarded 70-80 points for that. So, the message is very clear that the weight of the answer scripts is not going to give any extra consideration and the students who are resorting to this practice are wasting their time.
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    The author has raised a very pertinent point with which we were affected at some stages of our education. Those were the days when examiners were impressed to see the answers covering at least six to seven pages to earn twenty marks, the more the pages, the better. I wonder if they could go through such lengthy contents. But we are concerned with the impressive marks and the lengthy answers helped many examinees to secure respectable marks.
    Though to some extent, there has been reversal of such trends, while you observe the pattern of CBSE question papers in different subjects of class twelve, the length of the answers hardly exceed more than ten lines for the marks alloted five for a particular question. The examines are brilliant to get cen percent marks in English with their crisp answers. CBSE follows more is the short answer, more is the marks contrary to our earlier systems.

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