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    When will I receive the payment

    Sir I want to ask how am I going to be paid like I have posted my article but till when will it be considered and when will I receive the payment?
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    Astha Thapliyal,
    You are a newbie to ISC. You haven't started scoring/earning. You need to work hard to earn. Firstly, you should start earning in bits and pieces, and accumulate Rs. 300/- to receive your initial payment. Subsequently, you should earn Rs. 600/- to get your next payments.
    Write good articles, participate in contests to win prizes, post threads and respond threads to score points. This will help you to earn at ISC.

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    Astha, welcome to ISC! Let me say that you have a long way to go before you start getting your payments from this site. Sun has given you the details but I suggest you read this help topic on payments to know more about the same.

    Before you start becoming active here, it would help you if you read and understand the details given in this comprehensive guide for new members and all the links provided therein. Get acquainted with the site first and understand our policies and requirements so that you begin on a healthy note. You may post a forum thread if you have any further doubts and we will help you out.

    A piece of free advice- Learn first, earnings will follow automatically.

    All the best!

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    Welcome to this portal and as suggested by the other member and the editor it takes time to get payment and first one has to contribute as much as possible in varies sections here. Try to participate in contests also as there are good prizes in it. When I joined I contributed in Forum, Article and Ask Experts sections and after 8 months of joining I got my first payment of Rs 700. One has to stay here for long and contribute continuously. Another important thing is you learn a lot of things here and improve your writings without paying any fees so that also one has to take in account. If you want to learn and improve your language and writing skills I would suggest you to stay here for a longer period. There are members who recently celebrated their 8 to 11 years respective journey here and we all congratulated them for their long creative association with this site.
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    Astha, just now visited your profile and found that you have joined on 3rd Aug and not yet started to contribute contents. This is the educational site and you have lots of scope and chance to create self composed contents which must be centered around the students and this is being the admission time and online courses are being offered by the Indian and foreign Universities, the details of which can be shared in a running matter and like wise you can share anything concerning about India. What I feel that just go through the profiles of great contributors of this site and how they progressed with their very good write up and contents. As you get into confidence level , you can participate in forum. ask experts section and also write the contents in article section. Surely you will be liked and welcomed with awards and rewards for the hard work thus put in.
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    I welcome on to this site and wish you will have a long and fruitful journey on this site. To receive your first payment you should accumulate your earnings and once you touch Rs,300/- figure your money will be paid.

    To know more about the site you can go through the following link- Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines

    The following thread will give you an idea about how the payments will be announced every month.
    July 2020 Cash Payment Announcement

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    Astha, welcome to ISC and you might have gone through the help sections here to know more about this site. As other members have already mentioned so many good points to you now it is time for you to start contributing in the different sections as per your interest and capabilities. One thing which I want to highlight here is that this site has a great potential for the new members for learning the subtleties of writing especially the creative writing and content writing. Here, many members have learned a great deal (without paying any fees) and you can also be benefited by this environment here. Only thing is you would have to stay here for a longer period. For a beginner the following are the main areas to contribute though he or she is free to contribute anywhere in ISC -
    1. Post some interesting and contemporary issues in forum section and see how the members respond to it. Keep a watch on the responses and you can also add in between your ideas on that.
    2. Respond to other posts.
    3. Try to attend as many contests as possible. That is the key to learn writing quickly.
    4. If you can answer questions, try to do it in Ask Experts section. Alternatively ask questions to increase your knowledge.
    5. Write articles as many as possible. This is one area where sky is the limit. Do you know some members have written more than 1000 articles here?

    Wishing you a happy journey in ISC. All the best.

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