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    Did you hear an old voice after years?

    I go to my terrace every morning but I have been hearing an old familiar voice for the last two months. Was this a voice or a song is - koo koo... yes I am talking about cuckoo. I could hear this voice only when I go to my village near to my city and nowadays the same voice is coming from the tree near my house.

    Due to the corona pandemic, most of the people stayed at their homes and it seems the birds have found their old world today. Neither the pollution nor the noise of the vehicles will stop them. After a long time we can see so many flock of birds during sunrise and sunset.

    I am not saying this is the best time because fewer people go outside and pollution has reduced so the birds feel free. But if we want them to be around we can live a balanced life so that it will be better for them also. This balance is also a necessity for our environment.
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    It is the fact that the pandemic has created lots of changes in human being and also animal world and thus people started moving less out of home. the pollution has decreased, there is no walking in the parks , there is no discussions at the street corner and thus animals felt that that human being got extinct and they started coming to our area. Just now while writing this post there is a sound of Mina and other birds making noise of reciprocation as the weather is cloudy and about to rain. We have never seen the peacock in our area previously and that was spotted much to our delight. The whole lots of monkeys and languors are also seen our areas and during the night time the Tiger and Chetah were making rounds on Tirumala ghats, like wise a tiger has entered the human habitat on the busy Bengaluru highway in Hyderabad and seen sitting at the road meridian.
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    True. Yesterday when I am sitting on my laptop my granddaughter came and asked me to accompany her to the small garden I have on the front side of my house. I went with her and I heard the voice of cuckoo. I am very happy. I think I have seen a cuckoo on the plant in my house and heard the voice after a long time. I have shown the same to my granddaughter and explained her about Cuckoo.

    The pollution levels in Hyderabad came down because of less traffic The same may be the case in many other cities and that is giving us to experience the sweet voices of Cuckoos.

    That is why we say everything will have some positives and negatives. Now, this COVID 19 will have some positive happenings like less pollution and better human relations maintenance and inculcation of good habits etc.

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    The clean environment has emerged due to less traffic movement during this pandemic situation. This has contributed to cleaner environment because of less pollution. The overall effect is that we get chirping sound of the birds uninterruptedly in both morning and evening time. The major contributory part of the enhanced pollution was due to rampant use of the vechiles. Though the bussiness activities are reduced to minimum due to pandemic situation but the animals and birds are enjoying the environment with their free move. So in some way, it offers you an exciting scene when you see the different creatures not visible otherwise in the past.

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