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    The 'Trio' have changed the complexion of the game in ISC!

    Yes, I am speaking sraight from my heart. Till 30th June'20, I too was away from ISC though posted couple of threads and did few edits in between. The Forum was not looking as vibrant as before though new members alongwith some other senior members were really doing a wonderful job here. However, our Lead Editor Saji Ganesh has sparkled the Forum with his announcement thread - A thread a day challenge contest w hich was an idea concieved and concepulated by our ME Vandana. Really it was like Thread festival in ISC Forum for 15 days and ended on 15th July'20. Here comes in another twist and the challenge continued till31st July'20 as another vibrant member Deepti Sriram posed a question - Want to try 21 days habit building in ISC forum?

    In the mean time, the ME has announced an innovative contest - Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge contest. Alongwith others, I too accepted the challenges and participated in the contests. Thus I was busy all the 31 days of July'20 and tried to contribute my bit though there were many obstacles due to Covid19 and other personal reasons. In other words, the ME and the LE have brought back their team mates and other members into ISC fold.

    The 'Trio' - Vandana, Saji and Deepti have changed the complexion of the game in ISC, isn't it?
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    I appreciate your words. But it is not the Trios, but the Pandavas ( Vandana, Saji, Deepti, Sun and Mohan). It is SuN and Mohan who encouraged Deepti to move with her threads. I dragged her from 21 to 27, and Mohan dragged her till 31st.

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    Thank you so much Mr.Jagdish sir for appreciating me in this TRIO with my name mentioned in with my thread Want to try 21 days habit building in ISC forum? I will surely try to keep my pace in expressing new ideas to keep the game excitement going on.

    Mr.Sun sir, you are right. It was you and K Mohan sir who motivated me to go on beyond 21 days challenge. You not only motivated me but also accepted the challenge and fulfilled it too. I really appreciate the encouragement you and Mohan sir extend towards me time to time.

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    Rightly said by the author that the thread a day for 15 days was the beginning of a new era for ISC and of course for all of us. That created a surge of activity and members took it a challenge as to complete that and submit the thread continuously for such a long time. I was not habitual of posting threads frequently and for me some of the days it was really difficult to cope up. The icing on the cake was the informal extension of it as proposed by Deepti and supported by senior members. I am very happy to mention that we have witnessed a very vibrant month in the history of ISC and we all feel high on this group activity where members participated with big interest. Let us all contribute our best to make it a leading site in the internet crowd.
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    @ Deepti,

    Though I have not posted the thread links in your thread after 21 days, I too continued the challenge and continued posting 'A thread a Day' till 31 July continuously. Honestly, it was much a tough job for me in my busy schedule these days, I accepted the challenge and with great difficulty, I could post a thread daily. In this process, I might have posted some threads very casually too, to accommodate the thread for that day at some point of time. So, thank you all the three and Mohan & Sun too for their participation and encouragement.


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    With eleven years and more presence in this site, I have not come across such a competition where in all the members were given chance to post one thread a day and that was the huge challenge because, the thread should be unique, not boring, and at the same time should have the expectancy of the members to respond and not one thread should go dry without any replies. I have thoroughly enjoyed and even extended my self challenge beyond 15th and completed till the month end and that was really challenging to bring out good threads to the understanding level of the members and gain appreciation.
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