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    The philosophical view of my story

    I have taken part and write a story in Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge contest. Have you read my story? If not, I will request you to please read the story.

    The story is of three friends of Kartik. He had three friends. First friend (he love the most), Second friend (to whom he met sometimes) and third friend (Swami) to whom he met rarely. Once he was called in the king's palace.

    The Kartik in the story is ourselves (human beings). The king's palace (To meet God after death). First friend (Money), Second friend (our family and relatives) and the third friend is our good deeds which are our real friend which will certainly help us after death.

    Please share your opinion in this thread.
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    Whatever may be your story. Your philosophy of the story might be extremely good. But the judge is only one who decides the winning story. Judges have one single view that is their own view. If the story matches their view they get selected as the best.

    The philosophy of my story was different and peculiar. Since it was the short story on account of ISC's 13th birthday, I gave importance to number 13 in my story. 13 appeared five times as 13 Apr, 13 May, 13, Jun, 13 July and 13th August. My story contained the words Birth, Marriage and Death. My story had a celebration, a fight with might, request to a friend, promise to a friend, expression of love to a girl and care. It had seriousness and fun at last.

    Yet it failed to catch the eyes and impress the judges. This is what the philosophy of ISC judgement.

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    Yes, Mr. Sun, thanks to appreciating the philosophical view of my story. You are right that our stories failed to catch the eyes of the judges. But take it easy. All the stories cannot be awarded. We do not know what are the views of the judges when they were judging the stories. It is the spirit that we should respect the decision of the judges. After all, we enjoyed the contest. And all the entries will also be awarded cash credit and points.

    My aim to start this thread is not to challenge the decision of the judges. I was only waiting for the winner of the contest and then I was ready to submit this thread. I had written the story on taking this point of view in mind. But it was the rule that the name should be human so I could not post this view at that time in the story.

    Thanks again Mr Sun to like the philosophical view of my story.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    It is true that good deeds take us a long way but not in this materialistic world. Every human being is bothered about the present and future life and not about a new life which may or may not exist. I think one in a thousand people think and act in their real-life on such good deeds and actions.
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    When something is philosophical for us and nothing for others. Even the daily life is the special for us and routine for others and thus we cannot have much hope on such stories.
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