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    Tame your tongue which is a strong weapon.

    We know that our tongue is a small member of the body without bone that can slip in any way. For every creature, it can be tamed by the humans and make it obey what their human master wants it to do. Be it domestic animal like Cow, Goat, Horse, Donkey, Cat, Dog, birds like the Parrot, Dove, Eagle, Peacock and wild animals like Elephant, Bear, Leopard, Lion, Tiger, etc. Even a big ship or aeroplane or train can be controlled by small steering, rudder or handle but it has still not able to tame his small restless evil-the tongue. Our tongue is a deadly weapon which is used to praise or bless as well as to curse or blaspheme. When we look at nature, we can never get clean and saline water from the same well or spring, sweet and poisonous fruit from the same tree, in the same way, people who often speak well won't chatter evil of others and vice versa. So it is very important to use this strong weapon with utmost care and welfare of everyone. What do our members speak out about it?
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    You are right tongue is a weapon and we should use it very carefully. Generally, when people speak they do not think as much at that time but suddenly some of them realized- oh no what did I say I have no control over my own tongue. People who think before speak are mostly convince anyone by the thought. Is said by a philosopher that - Talk less but speak more, What would be the impact of your word on someone, that is more important so we should know about the result before starting a conversation.we should not talk unnecessary and save our energy for some productive works. Control on our own tongue is very much important for us and for others as well.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Yes, the tongue in human is valuable one rather than any thing. Since there is no bone in the tongue it can twist on any side. That is what people talk this side and that side. There was a story. Once a King announced in his courtyard that he will select and offer his daughter to one who brings a best and superior one to his courtyard. Many people brought many things but the king and his daughter did not satisfied with them as a superior one but lastly a man in the poor guise came to the courtyard and opened the box he brought to the King. King saw tongue was in the box. Astonished and puzzled king asked how it would be a superior one than anything. The man replied that the tongue is superior to a man than anything as one can praise, appreciate the good things only with the tongue. The King appreciated his wisdom and asked him to keep in waiting list. On the next day he announced to bring the worst item in the world. Again the man brought the tongue in another box. King got angry that he was trying to cheat him. The man calmly replied that the same tongue is worst to a man as it even kill a man by twisting words, so the same is worst equally to the superiority. King appreciated him and gave his daughter to him.

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    The tongue is the most important part of the body which can be used for having the best taste enzymes and it can also be twisted to take sides with others. A slip of tongue while talking with others is taken seriously and many a time even big face offs are also guaranteed. If someone scolds with his bad tongue the abuses are remembered a lot and even the bruises and wounds would be healed sooner or later but those who hurt with their bad tongue and those abuses would be lingering in our mind for ever and we cannot digest such kind of abuses and that is the reason be so our tongue has to be tamed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Think before you speak is the most suitable maxim in every situation concerning human behavior . It's the tongue which makes people your friend or your enemy. All quarrel start by tongue and this quarrel, sometimes, may cause destruction of families of either parties involved in the quarrel.

    Therefore, we must use our tongue quite wisely if we want to live a peaceful life.

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    A word slipped from our mouth is gone forever. You can't take it back. So we should be always careful in our wordings. The words we used will be having an effect on the other person. There is steering for the tongue also. That is our brain. If we use our brain before we talk or write, we will not use bad words at all. This is the truth.
    Even in writings also some people use very harsh words which will give a very bitter feeling to the reader. So we should think before we use a word or utter a word. If somebody else uses that word how we will feel? This thought should come to our mind before we use that word. If we think that word may give us some bitter feeling, we should restrain ourselves from using that.
    People who are in higher positions or responsible positions should use words very aptly. They should use strong words only when they think unless otherwise, they use those words, the desired result will not come. But we see in many places the people with responsibility using very bad words at others. But if the person uses the same words at them what will happen to him?

    always confident

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    People who are more talkative generally get entangled in making some comments and statements which hurt others and then it spoils the friendship. The problem is that when people joke with each other and even mock each other then there is no defined mathematical boundaries that we should stop at that point. Practically what happens is that while showing our superiority in discussions and arguments, we go beyond the allowed territories and in that excitement usually the unintended damage is done, sometimes beyond repair. People who can tame their tongue are the real warriors as they win in the long run. It is said that weigh your tongue before you speak and that is really worth following preaching.
    Knowledge is power.

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