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    A wise decision. Hospital and Museum instead of a Masjid

    It is a wise decision by the Muslim authorities to construct a Babri Hospital and Babri Museum on the five acres of land allotted by the government as ordered by the Supreme Court. A Masjid to replace a demolished Masjid is not considered worth by the Muslims. A hospital would save many lives, and a Museum will speak about the glory of the past history. The Museum will also be a place for tourists to visit after the Ram Mandir visit. I hail the Waqt board who thought well of this plan. However, there will be a small Masjid for worship.

    I welcome the decision. What do you say?
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    While I welcome the Muslims opting for Hospital and museum, on the allotted land the fact is that the mosque was constructed on the Temple and that has become the long controversy and again raking up the mosque at the allotted place, the past memories would linger in the minds of people and thus they changed the stance. More over though the Babri Masjid was there there were no prayers held earlier and it was considered as a structure and thus SC gave verdict in favor of Ram Temple being constructed there. May be some sects of Muslims were peeved by the SC decision and hence this kind of sober protest.
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    Any religious place, be it Temple, Church, mosque, Gurudwara, etc is important for their sect and when it is demolished or in the case for years, it becomes a big scar which is not easy to forget. Though the verdict was in favour of the Hindus, many Muslims do not think it was a just decision but as we know that for any decision, there are two sides of the story. Now when the verdict came in favour of the Hindus to build the temple, the Muslims were given 5 acres and they or the board might have thought that if again a mosque is built near it, it will again fur tension among both the religion and thus it is better to make something else. Entire India and the world know about the twitchiness that was in that place for years and again a mosque can build agitation anytime. Though the people would be friendly many politicians would use it as their vote bank and again stir jim-jams among the locals. In this thought a Hospital and Museum are good as this will help several people and even showcase the history of the Masjid.
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    It is a good decision. I will also welcome the decision. Hospital is useful to public and Museum tells the history to the people of the coming generations. If they construct a mosque, chances will be there to create tensions among the people if not immediately after many years. So they thought that it is better not to construct a place of worship there. The whole world may appreciate the decision.A dispute existing for lost so many years has come to you an end with the Supreme court verdict. It should give rise to another controversy. All my appreciations to the concerned.
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