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    Where would you sit while travelling with your Boss in a Car?

    Where to sit when we are going with our Boss in a car - many a times this question haunts the minds of a Junior level officer. It's true. We have inherited the legacy of the British and the so called Civil servants, I am sorry, officers belonging to Civil Services have learnt the lessons or rather well trained up to treat their subordinate officers in the old traditional style. Ofcourse, not all officers and some are always nice and down to earth.

    Generally, we have to sit beside the boss while accompanying him in a car while he sits at the back seat of the left side of the car i.e., diagonally opposite to the driver. If he prefers to occupy the front seat, no issue. But some people won't prefer to sit beside the boss and automatically move forward and sit at the front seat unless the boss offers him to sit his beside.

    But actually, one should sit beside him as it would not be nice to bring our head nearer to him while conversing with him. If the boss happens to be a Lady then we should sit in the front only and can sit beside her, if she offer the seat. These are general protocols but many senior officers ignore this and treat their subordinate officers in a different way. Of course, this problem would not happen in private sector and PSUs.

    Where would you sit while travelling with your Boss in a Car? What is your say?
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    Unlike the politicians, the civilian and military bosses would always sit on the rear seat left side only. As an assistant, we can sit beside him on his right only. That is the procedure to be followed. If the boss is with another boss, then the assistant can occupy the front seat.
    Political bosses always like to sit in the front, to be visible to the public. This is what I have seen and followed.

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    I have also traveled many a time with my boss in different companies and I chose to sit on the front seat and entire back seat would be left for the boss to have the space. It is the fact that the boss would be given freedom to read the news paper, go through his mobile or even have some power nap. But I have also seen that some boss wants to sit at the front seat and enjoy the ride speaking to the driver. Invariably when the boss is going to a important meeting and when the car arrives at the venue, the helpers there would open the back door of the car and invite the guest and therefore it is ideal for the boss to sit in back seat only.
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    It depends mostly on the temperament of the boss. I have worked with some of them who would not like that the junior person should sit with them and even sometimes indicate us to go to the front seat if by mistake we are trying to take the seat beside them. At the same time I have worked with some of them who would ask you to sit beside them only and talk to you in a cordial and friendly way. Many drivers know the attitude of the boss and would signal you beforehand as where you have to sit. Many times you can harp on that gesture of the driver to help you..
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    Protocol aside, I think it all depends on the choice of your boss. The safest mode would be to sit in the front seat, for different reasons. It is said that it is better to maintain a safe distance from the boss. Where you sit also depends on your position, the duty involved, the purpose of the journey and so many other factors.

    If you are an above the middle-level staff, courtesy demands that the boss should accommodate you in the back seat and depending on how close you are to your boss and how far he is comfortable with you, you may also opt to share the back seat provided you are sure that the boss won't gesture you to shift to the front. If you are lower in the hierarchy and you are simply accompanying the boss as an official formality, you should be sitting in the front seat.

    There are many ifs and buts involved and as I said, much depends on the temperament and attitude of your boss. The protocol would be different when the vehicle is not a car.

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    Bosses are of different nature, they would not expose their inner feelings if you are much junior in the existing hierarchical level. Of course. It is natural in the sense that that he can better command you with the maintenance of a safe distance. You even cannot go beyond a certain limit either. If you prefer to relocate the front seat, it would be better unless you are asked for the rear one just beside the Boss. May be the Boss has to attend an important meeting and you are there to assist him in the meeting to be conducted. He would explore every point needed to be raised. He would examine all the relevant details required to be presented in such a meeting. Hence it is natural that he would be engrossed and he may not like any sort of dislocation in such a situation. Hence in all circumstances, be happy with the arrangement of the seats.

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    Normally it is front seat to us while giving the back seat fully to boss. But in my case, I have traveled almost daily to the office and return to home with my boss only, As his car is of his own car with self driving I used to sit by his side only and if any other lift-asking persons comes we offer backside. As I am a person familiar to his family also, if his family persons comes I will change accordingly.

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    I always used to share the back seat with my boss. Whenever we travelled together I used to share the back seat only. He used to have Mercedez Benz. While going to the factory he used to come to my house, I used to join him. I used to leave my car and driver at my house so that my wife can use that for her works. It was almost an hour drive from my house to the factory. We used to discuss various matters on the way.
    His house is very near to the office. But for me, it is a 30 minutes drive from my house to the office. So while going I used to pick him up to the office. Then also we both used to sit on the back seat.
    Many times we used to travel together on official works and always the same is the practice. If another director also was accompanying us our MD used to sit in the front seat and we two used to share the back seat. Sometimes My MD's wife used to travel with us. Such times front seat is mine and those two used to share the back seat.

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    I usually travelled settling at the back seat while the front seat was taken over by his wife or children as they were a part of the company. At a few places, I was offered the seat based on my position.

    Whether it is back seat or front seat, I had to listen too and completely accomplish the tasks to ensure that I am in good terms. I did not feel any difference in it. It was only the journey that I mostly enjoyed rather than the seat. It used to give me pride as other employees would often get a chance to get into.

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    I worked in a Biotech firm for around 7 years and had the opportunity to travel with my boss many times. while commuting locally we used to go by car and most of the time I sat beside him discussing the point for the meeting. I was the technical one and my role was to demonstrate the diagnostic kits and it was really critical to demonstrate the kits on hand in front of all the experts and scientists. But my boss was really very friendly and supportive.
    I do not think that there is any fixed protocol to travel with your boss and it all depends on your bonding with him.


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