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    Should we all get panicked when we get fever, cold, cough?

    Do you all think we should get panicked when we get fever, cold, cough?

    We all are getting tensed these days due to COVID - 19 and simple things are making us feel scared or get tensed. We all get a fever, cold, cough, etc every year whenever there is a change in weather conditions but it seems this year we are getting panicked as well.

    Two weeks back, I had a fever and post two days, I got a headache, cold and lost the sense of smell and taste as well and that continued for about seven days and then, fortunately, I got back the sense of smell and taste. I started drinking lots of warm water and also was taking some home remedies like Honey with Ginger and Tulsi extracts. I am all good now and have a bit of dry cough and seems will be fine soon. In my home, my mother and grandmother also had a similar experience and we all are doing fine. What was going on during these days was panic within our minds! If we have got Corona? Oh God! No.

    Fortunately, we all consoled each other saying that we usually get cold, cough, fever every year and until we have no breathing or severe issues let's stay calm and do whatever possible to keep ourselves strong physically. Mentally we ensured we spoke often and check with each other and also thinking on many other aspects and not just thinking of what is happening to us.

    What I wanted to say is whether we should get panicked and stop being strong or take necessary actions to recover? Maybe we got infected with the COVID 19 Virus and recovered as well! Maybe it was just normal flu which we get affected every year! It can be anything but the right mindset can help us to come out of it smoothly.

    Do you all agree with this? Can you all share your similar experiences here?
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    What I learned from this trying times of Covid 19, that nothing match the confidence level of our inner strength and when we doubt about the virus and spread , we are already half doomed. Cold, cough and fever are bound to happen due to seasonal variations to which we should not get panicked. For example there was a chilly wind in the morning and that created cold in many and by afternoon the climate was hot as if the summer has been continuing and by late evening the drizzling started for few minutes. So what I mean to say that in just 12 hours the climate has been changing for three seasons and we the human being are vulnerable to unstable climates and thus we need not fear about the fever, cough and cold. If the fever is increasing , taste buds fail and having body pain something we need to worry, otherwise normal fever would be reduced in one day.
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    We should not be panicked in this pandemic era, as we all are aware that the symptoms of COVID 19 are quite similar like normal fever cough and cold but it does not mean these are only symptoms of covid19. We should follow the guideline given by WHO and also follow the instructions given by them and other organizations. Our willpower and our beliefs play an important role to improve our immune system and this is the situation where we need to strengthen our immunity power. There are many myths also spreading with corona, we should be alert don't go with myths. WHO updates its guidelines from time to time as per cases and new symptoms. Whenever feel there is something wrong with health then consult your, family doctor, don't bother but at the same time don't be careless for you and your loved one's health.
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    I think we need not get panic if there is cold, cough or fever. Even COVID also I feel we should not be panic. The recovery rate is very good and if there are no other complications chances of surviving are better.
    When there is a change the weather many people will have the cold and cough. Some may get light fever also. As usual, we can consult the doctor and he will suggest the way forward.
    We are seeing that more cases of Corona are reported but at the same time, we should see that many of them are not evening having any symptoms. That is an indication that the virus is becoming weak. So we should build up confidence. If you gain the confidence I say you won the battle 50%.
    But don't ignore any symptoms. Consult the doctor. Follow his suggestions. That is the best way we should adopt these days. If you have the habit of using any medicine for common cold and cough, you can try that also before you go to the doctor.

    always confident

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    Now it is the rainy season. It is quite common to catch a cold quickly when you get drenched in rain. The only aspect to be kept in mind is your source of getting cold. This information has to be clear.

    We all are familiar with our health problems from time to time. We can make the right decision and suggest our recovery too. There is no need to panic as it may stay for three to five days. If it prolongs then, it is better to consult a doctor.

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    There is no need to get panicked in case you have fever, cold, cough or any other normal diseases. Take medicine and precautions and follow advice of doctor. God forbid if you or anyone is inflicted with Corona virus even then shouldn't get panicked. Get yourself isolated and take medicine. Read good books, talk to your friends on phone. Give more time on ISC and be cool.

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    In all the situations we should maintain cool brain. In the rainy reason, catching of cold, cough and fever is most common. This can be tackled with ginger blended with Tulasi tea twice in a day. Even Honey works better if cough persists. It should be used with the Black - pepper to control the cough issue. Gargling in both morning and evening hours would dilute the aggravated symptoms. It will take hardly a week to resolve the persistent issues. At least, breathing problem cannot be seen in normal fever associated with cough and cold.
    Hence we should not be panicked even if the fever turns to the corona virus since the rate of recovery has improved now. However, for the senior citizens the cases would be different especially if they are suffering from life style disease such diabetes or high blood pressure.

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    The recovery rate of the covid patients is almost 96%. It means that if one lakh people get this infection than about 96000 people get recovered and about 4000 have died. Please do not get it confused with the data being told in news and media. That is based on a gross numbering and is increasing day by day to reach a value of 96% one day. Now the question is how a person can ascertain that he or she is not going to be one among those 4000 unfortunate people? We do not have any method today like vaccine and drug to think and protect ourselves on those terms. That is why the panic is there. It is a natural human behaviour in such times when a lot of confusion and ambiguity is present. The author has brought out a very important point that may be we got infected and we did not visit hospital and did not go for a test and got cured just like that. I fully agree that their are many who have recovered just like that and naturally their numbers are also not counted in the national data. The other members in the family simply escaped it due to their good resistance and immune system.
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    It is human to feel panic when we feel some disorder in us. Though we are alright the associates creates fear in us. Last week I went to buy some medicines. My aunt called me from the house over phone and asked me to buy some vegetables in the Super stores on my way. As the medicine I required was not available in the regular medical shop I had to move some distance in the hot sun. After getting the medicine I went to the super store for vegetable. The security staff put the infrared temperature gun on my forehead and found it showed more than normal. That person got panic and asked me why I came out with such temperature. I told that was only because of my walking over sunlight more than half kilometer. He did not accept my view. I just went by side and sit in the shadow for some minutes and then I approached him to verify. He found the temperature was normal at that time and he allowed me inside by agreed my view. If I was thinking some fraction of second on his saying I would got panic feeling.

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    We all are human beings and are much affected by the adverse environment and happenings around us. In case of any calamity or disaster there is a fear in the minds of people and this fear is the main cause of panic.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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