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    How many languages do you know ?

    Learning some languages other than one's mother tongue, sooner or later, benefits people.

    I know a few languages only, mainly English, Hindi, Urdu and besides them four more languages I learnt a long time ago- German, Arabic, Persian and Punjabi but now I'm no more fluent in these languages.

    If a white skin English comes and start talking to you in your local language like Tamil, you will ,definitely, be surprised. I also experienced it when any German would come and I addressed him in his language he'd be surprised.

    Most of the members of ISC are from south, I think they must be knowing some more languages because Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are their regional languages and besides them Hindi and English are also like local languages for them.

    Would you share how many languages you know.
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    About languages I know.
    Tamil - 100% (Mother Tongue) Very fluent in speaking and writing
    English - 75 % (write & speak)
    Hindi - 60 % ( speak only)
    Malayalam - 75 % (Understand only)
    Telugu - 20 % (understand only)
    Kannada - 25 % ( understand only)

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    My mother tongue is Tamil - can read , write and even speak different sects of same language spread across the TN.
    Being stay put permanently in Hyderabad - I know Telugu to read and speak fluently but cannot write the language.
    Having so many friends in old city, I am fluent in talking Urdu language but cannot read or write.
    Since Hindi is second language subject for me in school, I can read, write and talk fluently in this language.
    Of course English was our medium of Instruction, can read, write and talk on any subject with matter in hand.
    And being in association with Punjabi friends, I do have some knowledge of the same language.

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    I studied in Andhra Pradesh and my career is completely in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana only. I never have the chance of staying in other states and hence I know only Telugu language only. I was in Hindupur for 2 years which is a border to Karnataka and people there were speaking Kannada. So I can understand a little Kannada but I can't speak or write. I know English and Hindi also. I studied English up to B.Sc. I passed some Hindi Examinations conducted by Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachara Sabha, Madras. I was taught Sanskrit by my father. I can understand and read Sanskrit to some extent.
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    Is sounds good that you members knew many languages and I feel proud to work with people like you all.
    In my case I am from Madhya Pradesh Center of India, here most common language is Hindi only so I am good in Hindi in all ways as its my mother tongue. I can speak and write or read only two languages Hindi and English.

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    Learning languages is a pleasant. But without intention it cannot be done. My mother tongue is Tamil. Learned English in Schools.
    During my final year college study, I happened to see an advertisement from Central Hindi Directorate, New Delhi through a newspaper folded in a grocery item. With interest I asked my grand father to get admitted, as he was the head to our joint family. On his nodal, I have studied Pravesh course from the institute for two years through Distance learning and finished Parichaya course which is also for two years later.
    I learnt Telugu to speak from my colleague through her I spoke to her brother and sister in other states.
    I know Malayalam to speak. When I went to Kochi on office work once, intended to go to Chotanikara Temple. I asked my Kochi branch accountant, who in turn guided me the bus etc., On his advise I went to Bus Stand which was just near to my Lodge wherein I stayed. To my difficult, I saw entire bus boards were written in Malayalam and I asked people by side about the bus arrival. I have not got any proper help and I decided to learn Malayalam before my next trip to Kochi. By two months gap I learned Malayalam by writing in note books as a school boy from a book I bought. Next trip I finished my darshan of Chotanikara Bhagavathi.
    Later I studied sanskrit though distance learning from an institute of Bangalore. but practice of speaking is less so, I got some difficulty in remembering well.

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    I have good reading, speaking and writing skills in Hindi, English languages. Further, I have passed high school in Punjabi language hence can read and write Punjabi and can speak also up to some extent. I have also done course in Urdu language from Jamia Milia Islsmia university and can read, write and speak Urdu. I have studied Sanskrit up to to 10th class and also in 10+2 as a general subject. So I can also read write Sanskrit.

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    It would be difficult to say how far I am proficient in the languages, I know. But I have a deep passion for Bengali, though I did not receive any formal education in the said language but I was fascinated with this language because the strength of the students in my schools for Bengali speaking students assumed around 30 percent offering me a chance to know this language in a better manner. I enjoyed this language a lot with my deep studies of novels of Mahrsi Ravindra Nath Tagore, Mahasweta Devi, Dwijendra Roy etc.
    Unfortunately, I don't have any certificate of proficiency for the said language though inclination for this language has not died out so far because of beauty and enriched culture of language. I can soeak and write well in Bengali.
    The other language with which I am deeply attached is Hindi with which I began to learn my lessions in the school days. Premchandra, Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar, Sumitra Nandan Pant were my favourite writers. The events sketched by Premchandra would appear as if such charecters are still within our society. Though, I had been a debater in my school days in the said language and have won many prizes to my credit, I cannot claim that I am proficient enough. I had to persue this language after my intermediate level. I have even been awardee of Raj Bhasa Competition in my service life.
    English had been my pet language after class seven and up to Intermediate level, I have gone through this language. I can speak and write this language to a manageable level.

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    I was under the impression that people of south know all the south Indian languages because I'd a colleague from Karnataka. He knew all the famous south Indian languages and he told me that, generally, people in south have knowledge of these languages.

    Dr Deepali Gangwar: I'm really Surprised to know that you are qualified in Urdu and can read and write.
    Also I studied Sanskrit as supplement to Hindi from 6th class to 12th.

    I didn't study Punjabi in a formal way, rather I purchased two books from Gurduwara Sheeshganj Delhi and studied at home and started reading Punjabi newspapers for fluency.

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    Language changes from territory to territory. If we have a passion, we can learn any languages within a few months. The important aspect after learning is utilising it to communicate on a regular basis else we may loose the touch on such languages.

    I am familiar with all south Indian languages. I can speak and understand too but do not have reading and writing skills. Besides that, I am familiar with Hindi as a national language. I can understand Marathi, Bengali and can speak and understand Urdu too.

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    I know Hindi very well and have a moderate grip over English but yes, I can read, write and speak in both of these languages. I understand a bit of Marathi (being in Maharashtra for the last 9 years) and Rajasthani. I have learned German (have done 3 years advanced diploma in German) and can read and understand it.

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    I can read, write and speak English, Hindi and Malayalam. I can speak Tamil quite fluently. I can speak Nagamese which is the common dialect followed in Nagaland. I can understand Bengali and Assamese well and speak in bits and pieces. I can also understand Marathi and Punjabi to some extent.

    We get to know and learn many languages mostly through our association with people from that region but we need to keep polishing the same to better ourselves and also to store it in our memory. The lesser we use the language more will be the chances of forgetting the same or losing the fluency. I am of the view that if one is good in Hindi, he would be able to follow, albeit with some efforts, a majority of languages spoken across the country, especially the North.

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    You have an edge when you know a couple of languages other than your mother tongue. I am from West Bengal and can read, write and speak in my mother tongue Bengali. I can read, write and speak English and can only speak Hindi. I try to read Hindi but for many words I require help. I travelled to various places for work but haven't stayed in any of the states for a reasonable duration. I understand Odia a bit but cannot speak, read or write in that language.

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    The more you use a language the more you get fluent and many of us many be fluent in 2-3 language as we all had 3 language systems in schools. I had English, Hindi and Marathi as my languages and thus can read, write and speak in it. As Malayalam is my mother tongue, I can speak and understand it well but cannot read as I was away from home and never had the chance of learning it. I have tried many times to learn it but due to some or other reason, I am not able to learn and to be frank, it is tough also. Apart from these, I can understand Tamil, Konkani, Bengali, Gujarati, Panjabi as we had friends, colleagues and neighbours from these places and they would often use it while talking. I have lost touch to many of the languages as I have changed my location and now it's just Hindi, English, Malayam, Nepali, Bengali and Arabic that I hear in my job site.
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    @Saji Ganesh:

    Hope you know more than 9 languages. Excellent..!

    @Padmini: You are qualified in German. Great !

    I studied 'Auf Deutsch gesagt', a course conducted by Radio Deutsche welle a long time ago.

    @Varghese: Amazing ! More than ten languages you know.

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