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    Start early reach leisurely

    When we are going out either for office or other works, we need to take in to account the traffic snarls, the time taken to reach the place and above all the weather conditions. Everyday may not be the same and we cannot expect amicable timing to reach the office as planned. Therefore starting early and reaching the destination leisurely should be our motto, as we may not be in a hurry, would not forget anything that is required to be carried, nor we will have the bad remark of having come late at the destination. And spending few minutes with others before the work start will also give us the required pep for the day.
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    This is a really good advisory by the author and I am not only a strong supporter of this doctrine but also following it meticulously. I have seen people suffering miserably because of taking up the things at the eleventh hour. There are many who miss their trains and flights because of the over confidence on the flow of time. Time is the essence of everything in our lives and those who do not honour time, I am afraid to say, might get same treatment from it in their 'journey of life'. Most of the times I have heard people telling why to go early there as it would be very boring. But here also we are doing some WhatsApp work only and that we can do there also if we reach a bit early. We are no losers at any account.
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    This is such a wise advise. Even on the road side notice boards I have read many slogans which mean the same. Road authorities use this advise to emphasis on safety. Start Early, reach safe.
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    True , we should always be conscious about timing while going somewhere, punctual people always ready before the time as they do not want to be late anytime. I have seen many people when they are going to the station most of the time they packed their begs at last moment and then fight with taxi driver to hurry and reach them station on time, when they already aware about the date and time of the train then why do they so careless about timing. Any work which starts in hurry so there are more chance to not get the desired result.
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    The author has rightly hinted at the punctuality of timing and before reaching to any destination, there may be numerous ifs and buts. This should be always kept in mind and the planning to reach the destination has to be made accordingly.
    It is quite likely that we may not be asked the reason for the delay once we appear on the venue, but it does not speak any good either. In fact, we should make a plan in such a way that we are always there in the nick of time.

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    Our elders always say this. Never start at the last moment and get into the problem. Start early and reach the destination safely without any tensions. If we start on time sometimes we may face some unexpected issues on the way and we may not be able to reach the destination on time.
    When I go to my native place and on the day of return back, my father always will be reminding me to start early so that I will not miss the train. He will always say if you reach the railway station before time, you can wait for the train. But if you are late the train will not wait for you.
    But these days it has become a habit for many people to start late and drive the vehicle fast to reach the destination on time. But some times this hurry will result in unexpected accidents and they will be getting into unwanted situations.

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    I agree with the author that we should leave home early to reach our destination before time. It's always safer for us to leave early than hurrying up to reach on time in pell-mell. Interviewees and office-goers, especially new ones, must take care of their timing to reach their office. Late comers don't give good impression on the management of the firm/company/organization etc they are working in.

    For travellers: It's advised to Google to see latest status of concerned running train and should set for station accordingly.

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    This is the practice I am following since last 45 years. In our city, till my college days, to reach railway station or Bus Stand was at a distance we can go by walk, I used this system only. Later it helped me a lot when I got employment. I used this system for both office going as well moving out for anywhere. I was commented by my relatives on this issue. In cities like Chennai, it is very difficult if to reach a place in time. One time, when we gone and stayed at Moinabad, a place nearly 25 kilometers from Hyderabad Railway Station. On return our group people very calculatingly started to Railways station and we got held at Langar house traffic and Mehdipatnam traffic. When we reached Hyderabad station, the KK Express left from the station. Then we catch the train at Secunderabad Station with the help of some other auto drivers who efficiently reached there in shortcuts. Though we paid in extra to them, it was a painful experience to us on our calculative journey.

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