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    Archival of data in Jobs section

    Jobs section is one of the biggest content area of ISC. We have over 4.5 Lakhs jobs posted in ISC since the beginning.

    99% of those job posts are no longer relevant but carries an overhead for ISC in terms of storage, calculations etc.

    We are doing some data cleanup. As of today, the following happened:

    1. All job posts prior to 31 Dec 2019 are permanently deleted from our system. However, some of those posts which were getting traffic are retained. This means over 4.45 Lakh jobs are deleted and only 6800 jobs are remaining in our system.

    2. Points and cc of all job posts prior to 7 Aug 2020 are now shown under a different category called "Jobs 07-Aug-2020" in your profile. Points and cc under the category "Jobs" will show only the earnings from the date starting from 8 Aug 2020.

    3. Points and cc of all job posts prior to 7 Aug 2020 are reset to 0.

    4. Since the old job posts which are not getting traffic to ISC are permanently deleted, you will not be able to navigate to those posts any more.

    We will be doing similar archival process in other sections as well.
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    A good move from webmaster as it stands valid to remove the old job openings as it will not get any traffic and is just an overhead and takes storage. This will also help the searchers to get more relevant, latest and appropriate posting quickly. Keep up the good work and looking for a total cleaning in other section as pointed out.
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    A very good idea and implementation indeed. This revision will surely make the website lighter and more specific. An outdated content many times creates a negative effect on the visitors perspective about a website. This revision will help to avoid such negative reflex.
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    Yes. The old data which is not being referred by anybody need not be kept in the server and it will be a waste load on the system. So I feel it is a good idea. Like this, if the old data in other sections can also be removed so that the search will not give unnecessarily very old data also.
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    Cleaning up the unwanted data is need of the hour and we cannot load the site with data which are non relevant and hence what the ISC done is right and there is no other go.
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    Please explain the category of 'Jobs 07-Aug-2020' which you mentioned at #2. I could not see any such detail at my profile account.

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    Good idea sir, old data just wastage the space in sever which create load on server.

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    @Vandana mam
    There are no jobs with date in the profile. It is just the jobs which will list out all the jobs contributed by himself or herself before the specified date.

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