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    Ego harms us more than the person on whom we are projecting it

    Many people have a large amount of ego and they suffer because of it. Self prestige is one thing that can be said a good attribute but ego is not in a good taste. It misleads us many times to unknown and blind alleys and then we have no way to come back. It does more harm to us than the person on whom we are projecting it. This is the evil that has separated many friends and life partners from each other. It is said that ego closes the eyes of our mind and then we can see the things physically but cannot comprehend them in their real perspective. Many times we leave for good a workplace or competitive arena just because our ego is hurt. I do not think that we should sacrifice such an opportunity just because of our ego. What is the thinking of the members on this aspect in our lives? Please share your views.
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    The ego always harms ourselves first as whatever we feel we express it to others and when our expressed thoughts can heart other persons so it is very obvious that the same thought would be affected to our own body or mind. Many times it happens when people have realized their mistakes but just because of ego they do not want to accept it which is a very harmful practice for the mind as their mind would be strict for not accepting its own mistakes. People should understand that we all are human and make mistakes is a very common nature of human many time we say something wrong by mistake so we should accept it, infect people like those who accept their mistakes and give them another chance also but people who did not accept mistakes and show their ego, these people would be mostly live alone with the ego only.
    Swati Sharma

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    It harms us because we begin to give importance only to ourselves and our feelings without considering the fact that others also have a view on the issue. This can happen at times when somebody feels that she/he cannot be wrong and whatever is done is right from all angles. Emotion has got to do something with this kind of feelings and ultimately the person who is acting in such a way is the sufferer. Others may be hurt momentarily by the attitude or behaviour of the person but after realizing her/his mistake the person repents and may not find a way out to return to the previous position.

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    Ego is never good for anybody. It will harm people. Once should have self-respect but it should not become ego. The people with ego thinks they are above everybody and all others should respect them. But expecting somebody to respect us is a very bad trait. We should get that respect with our conduct and behaviour,
    We see this ego more in the people who are in powerful positions. All others will act before them as if they respect them and praise them. But in his absence people who criticise them and express their unhappiness. The ego will spoil the relations of the person with others and people will always try to avoid them.

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    Ego is the worst enemy for us as it would not allow others to understand us nor give a chance to make over. Our ego should not hurt others though we may have the grudge on them to teach a lesson. The over confidence with which the people would respond to us show that they have achieved something more than us and thus their behavior is openly known. I have invariably gone through the situation that those who are highly qualified and occupy good position in the society and have money backing would be respected even at all odds and they get into feeling that they are cared must and that ego also escalated.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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