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    Is there any end of arguments

    Many times in our life it happens when we start a normal conversation but we did not realize when it converted into an argument.

    We think we are right at our place and other people also have the same thought all of us just keep giving our point of views and no one want to accept others opinion at that time, maybe we do not want to accept that we can also be wrong.

    In this situations what should we do how to stop arguing with anyone because it also happen that one wants to close the arguments but another one is not to do so.
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    Many a time, I encountered such a situation in my life. The conversation starts with a sweet thought and a simple note, and it leads to a bitter argument. In such a situation, I would try to put a stop or shift the topic politely or move out from that place with a smiling face.
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    Arguments lead to bad digging of past uneasy events and that would be nasty for the both sides and what I feel that if the argument seems to be going out of hand and if that is sensed in the beginning, it is better to close that topic and go for other issues. But there are adamant candidate on the opposite side who want to continue the same and that would be tricky as we are not prepared to the argument and the opposite person would have say on us and that would turn one side nasty argument and in that case better leave from that place so that the argument would die its own death.
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    Discussions are always welcome but arguments are to be avoided. Discussions will help us to understand the subject well and that will help us to take apt decisions. In discussions, everybody will accept the points of others based on the merits and demerits and finally, a logical end will come and a proper solution for the problem will arrive. But sometimes in these discussions, some people try to push their points as the best points and they will try forcing the other people to accept their versions. Then the discussion will get converted into arguments.
    Every participant in an argument will argue his points and try to belittle the ideas of other participants. In such times it is better to withdraw ourselves from such arguments. Some people talk without any logic and try to force their decisions which will not be accepted by other candidates. Then the argument will be stopped abruptly without any proper understanding. Discussions are constructive whereas arguments are destructive.

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    Whenever people discuss some matter then different viewpoints would emerge and many times heated exchanges would also take place and arguments and counter arguments would be given by the participants. Now the interesting thing is that if it is all for a common cause or development then it makes sense to discuss and reach to a solution acceptable to all but if the participants are doing it just to prove their viewpoint as correct and have nothing to do with the common objective then it is a bad situation and every prudent person should avoid such traps where nothing other than bitterness is achieved.
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    Arguments start when we do not agree to the other's view or work or proposal etc. Arguments start in disagreeing. It can be needed on by agreeing. But human ego does not permit us to accept other as such. Hence the practical way is to arrive at a compromise which is jargonised as 'win-win' situation.
    However when we become mature and broadminded we see reason in others stand or view or reasoning and will agree to it. If not we would be able to convince the other why we cannot agree with him/her. It should make the other person agree to our explanation. The argument is closed.
    Another jargon is 'agree to disagree' which s nothing but saying that 'Ok, you have your way I have my way". This can be practical only when both are independent and do need each other for anything in that regard.

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    Agreement either stop with anger or sometimes burst out as one of them have to move to another place to relax. They always end up with misunderstanding and stays deeply rooted in one's memories.

    It is sometimes better to compromise and let the other person win so that we do not have deep wounds in our hearts. Another option is never to start an argument at all, just move from that place as soon as your idea or thought is spoken against by another person.

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    Correct, the arguments never ends. Even in our house, we can see the reply saying 'yes' comes to an end. Actually we have not done any mistake but the other party may meant it. In such situations if we argue that ours is correct, if the other party agrees our argument it is okey otherwise he argue further and it is going on to any level. One day in my cooking it was criticized by my brother in law that the sambar was over mirchi but it found with normal mirchi. I kept quite and told him that I would reduce in future. But after an hour, he told me that, 'Sorry, I have some mouth ulcer, so I felt so mirchy but it was good only'. If I argued with him earlier the situation would be other.
    Sometimes the arguments inducts the ego in other so the quarrelsome situation might raised.

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