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    Be useful to others if not utilized by us

    One day I went to a outskirt area of Chennai to see a relative. On the way, a senior person was accompanied with me to the residential area by talking. On that way I saw many individual houses with garden and having plenty of flowers. I surprised that till evening nobody plucking the flowers in many houses. I with surprise expressed this to the person who accompanied with me. He with irritated voice, replied, many people do not use the flowers and even not allowing others to pluck also. He told further that he was living in that area only and one morning casually tried to pluck some flowers for his house pooja as nobody is plucking, from outside but the house owner scolded him as anything for that work in spite he plucked flowers by telling to the housemaid. Many people are doing like this they are not utilizing and not giving to others also.
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    Sometime back I have also raised the similar thread wherein I have seen some persons literally stealing the flowers from the others gardens and thus denying the owners the right share of flowers for their own purpose. In your case the owners nor the outsiders were allowed to pluck the flowers. What I feel that the flowers are must for doing the prayers to God, and those who cannot afford must be given chance to pluck the flowers and that can be done after the real owner has the enough flower for his use. This way there cannot be quarrel or chiding from the owners who can also realize the need for flowers.
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    In Hyderabad, it is the other way round. By the time we get up and come out, all the plants will be without even a single flower. Early morning many people will come and pluck all the flowers and take away. When we ask them not to pluck they say they are using those flowers for Pooja only.
    I feel we should not pluck flowers completely from the tree. We should leave some flowers on the plant only. That will give beauty to the plant. We will feel happy to see plants with flowers. But many people will not leave even a single flower on the plant. That gives a very pale appearance to the tree.
    I feel if we want to pluck flowers from the plants of others, we should ask them and take their permission If they say no we should not go near the plants. That is the most desired way of behaviour. The house owners should also help others by giving permission if somebody wants some flowers.

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    Agreed, people keep their many items always with them whether they are useful for them or not but they do not want to give anyone else. If you are able to help someone then you should do it. Sometimes people do not want to share some of the items which are not useful for them but they have an attachment with them so they do not want to give anyone but some are don't want to share with anyone. It is always said by philosopher sharing is caring, so helping others is one of the good habits.
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    I am one of them. Yes, I don't like to see people plucking flowers from our plants. However, if they are really in need, as the author has suggested that plucking flowers should be allowed for pooja, in such matter, I allow them to pluck flowers. Plants without flowers are like married couple without children. Beauty of plants is because of flowers, this is why none of us want to see our plants devoid of flowers.

    I have got some of the saplings purchased from other cities also. All our family members look after them.

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    There are two scenarios to the given story as many people like gardening and would not like others to pluck flowers from their garden. This is what Gautham Buddha said " If you like flowers, you pluck it but if you love it, you will water it daily. This is the difference between I like you and I love you. In the same way, when a person loves his garden, he may not like intruders to pluck the flowers from his garden but the case may be different if he/she ask permission from the owner. In the second case, the gardener or the owner may not mind people plucking the flowers as he is just doing it for his/her timepass or maybe a little helping mentality or a free person. We cannot expect every person to be like others and helping others is a different thing and giving them what we don't require is different. I think if the person would have asked the owner with a valid reason, he might have allowed him to pluck. It is like taking leave without informing or permission and them blaming what does it goes of the manager as it is my leave and it will not affect him or his salary.
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