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    Quit India Movement was the foundation of Independence day

    A meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held in Bombay on 7 August and the resolution of the "Quit India Movement" was unanimously passed on 8 August. After the resolution was passed, British police arrested several senior leaders including Mahatma Gandhi on the same night.
    In this movement, more than thousands of indians were martyred.

    The biggest reason for the success of this movement was that it communicated intellectuals, educated people as well as the common people with freedom and connected many people of India with this freedom movement. As a result, the foundation of the British Empire was completely shaken due to the revolution and the movement was successful.

    Today we salute and thank all the martyrs of this movement for thier efforts to get freedom.

    Jai Hind.
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    Our freedom struggle moments are very special and every event it dedicated to the cause of freedom and surely the Quit India movement was planned one and that has shaken the very foundation of British who thought India can be ruled further and the way Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi along with the like minded people induced the people across the country with one call, the mass movement started and the highlight was that many ladies were inspired and want to support the cause and thus Britishers has to sulk and give the way for freedom and even today we are all indebted to those leaders who fought for our cause.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are today in Independent India because of the people who struggled and lost their lives in the freedom movement. We should always show our gratitude and respect to such people. They never cared for their comforts or benefits but dedicated themselves to the cause of the nation.
    I heard many stories about the Independent movement from my grandfather who also participated in the freedom struggle. He participated in quit India movement and salt Satyagraha. He used to wear only Khadi dresses but not any other clothes. Many people those days participated in freedom fight.
    It is our minimum duty to salute those people who last their lives in that quit India movement which has shaken the Britishers the most. Thanks to people Like Gandhiji who is instrumental in getting the freedom to our country.

    always confident

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