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    3 Kittens say, "me-too"

    A new guest has arrived at our house. Can you guess? It is a cat which has given birth to three kittens. Since there is heavy rainfall and not being able to find a safe place, she has come to take shelter in our house. It has become a family member from the past five days. The kittens are really very pretty and crawl on each other while at sleep. They make a small creaky sound only when the mother cat arrives.

    Moving in and out at odd intervals. Now taking care of children and kittens has added to my working hours. It moves out at 6 pm and comes back at around 11:30. Just like we wait for our children, family members to get back home, I wait for its arrival so that it gives a soothing relief to the kittens.

    I thought of sharing this as 8th August is International Cat Day. As humans, we have to take care of nature and animals like our family members. Care pet animals.
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    On the occasion of International cat day the author chose to connect the pets that arrived unexpectedly and those cats started living as the family member is the nice feeling. In our lives we always expect something to happen suddenly and that kind of surprise elements would bring immense joy and happiness. And the small cats had been behaving as the family member and the way the author chose to define in headline is something new and catch everyone to visit this post. Nevertheless the pets have their rights in the masters house and they feel cozy and comforts with the family members.
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    Having a cat with a kitten(s) is a good omen. It is said that it would bring prosperity and happiness in the family. In my life, many a time, I have seen cat giving birth to kittens and living at my home. More than the elders, the children at home would love them and care for them. You are Lucky, Sharada.
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    International Cat Day sounds good.
    Agreed with author that we should take care of animals as well, we all are the part of this planet and have same rights for live their life so its our duty to take care of those who need us care and don't do any practice which may harm these small lovely animals who just living their life with small family and don't interrupt in our life, we should also not disturb them unnecessarily. Give care and love would be best gift for them and if one can not give them care and love then at least do not make them bother.

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    Those kittens also need to stay along with their mother inside your house and that's why maybe crying and saying "Let me stay too". Stray cats and dogs look for shelters for giving birth to their offsprings and choose a comfortable place. They may choose a house for that and the members of the house witness various funny incidents after the arrival of the kittens/puppies. Many families prefer to keep them as pets and they become like family members. The kids in the family equally enjoy this and consider them as their companion.

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    Happy International Cats Day to all. Appreciations to the author for giving the story of the cat and kitten in their house. In our house also there is a cat. It will be moving around the house and spends time in the plants in our small garden. My granddaughter enjoys seeing that cat. I have to stand with her as long as she watches that cat. But That will not come inside the house. It will be there in the garden only. It will be going here and there to the neighbouring house but by 9 PM it will be back into our garden.
    Long back it came here with 2 kittens. Those kittens are grown up and these days not visible here. The only mother cat is visible. One good thing we have noticed is the cat never allows any rats to come near. So we have no rats in our house. My wife will be feeding the cat some food once in a while.
    A good time pass to my granddaughter and myself.

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    It was nice to see your responses and indeed for sharing your experience related to cats.
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