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    Which is more important interest or opportunity.....

    When we start our career in any field most of us have been confused and when we asked others so there are two sort of people having two different thoughts Some of them says go with you interest whatever you choose as per your interest you will get success because you will enjoy your work.
    But on the other hand some people advice go with demand of the subjects or career and do something which would be demanding for future because we are human and we can do any work so keep your interest aside and get more opportunity in other fields.
    What is your opinion what should we choose our interest or we should go with the demanding fields where more opportunity would be find.
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    There is a saying that if we want to have the success we must swim along the tide and not against the side. The same principal applies here. Though our interest may be long cherishing dream and demand too, but what is more popular and more accepted in the society must be pursed and achieve the success. One should not think that competition is there if rush is more but your approach to the subject and how you present the same should be different to create a lasting impression and that would get you the success. Therefore going after the demanding fields would be great fetching for sure.
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    I will say that interest is the key. Opportunities will come after you complete the course. But for completing the course you should have an interest in the subject. If there is no interest and if you are not able to get the required expertise in the subject, you may not be able to get a chance even though there are many opportunities.
    If we have an interest in the subject, you will perform well and you will get a good grip on the subject. So even there are a few opportunities also, the chances of grabbing the chance will be high.
    If it happens to be the subject of interest to you is having good opportunities also, nothing like it. Whatever you study and whatever course you pursue, if you are on the top of the list of the qualifiers and if you have a good hold on the subject you will have a beer chance of getting an opportunity.

    always confident

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