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    To ignore is sometimes, a good choice.

    There are many situations in our life when it would be better to ignore some people or ignore their unnecessary talks.
    We all have different values and different attitude about the way of living our life. When we start walking on a different path many will come to interrupt us and give advice and share their experiences. Sometimes these advises are good but if some of them tend to disturb our journey towards our target or try to divert our mind, then ignoring them would be a logical choice. What is you opinion?

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    Hear the words of the other people. But don't follow them immediately. Think about what they said and then do whatever you feel like the best. This is the meaning of a poem in Telugu. This is really applicable in our lives always.
    In our lives, we will be hearing different people's voices on different subjects. There is no problem with hearing. But don't follow them without thinking.
    The other person may be very experienced and might have good knowledge. But he may not know your situation correctly and fully. So you should not simply change your plan. You might have given a thought and then decided about the case. So please don't easily change your plan of action.
    Some people will give their ideas with real intentions to help but some people may not have the real intentions to help you. They may try to see that you will not be reaching your goal as planned. So don't get disturbed by the suggestions of other people. Go ahead with your plans.

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    It is said that we had also discussed that unless others ask for suggestion or advice, we should not give it as it will not be taken. There are many people around us like our relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbours and even some society people who would always keep on asking and giving suggestion on any topic. Some are good while some are bad, some are genuine while some are fake, some are curious while some are excited, some are experienced while some are inexperience. Whenever we get advice or suggestion, it is better to receive it and then do a self-analysis as many a time, even a small piece of advice can be very fruitful and after proper understanding and analysing the suggestion, advice and your personnel view, decide on that topic. If we think that the advice or suggestion is of no use, we can easily drop it or ignore it without giving any further explanation.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    After reading this thread my thoughts went to a chocolate ad in which a old woman who try to sit in a bench and her walking stick gave away from hand and one boy enjoying the chocolates by listening to music and the woman ask him to help and he ignores her request due to his engagement with taste and music. So she decides to get up and fetch the walking stick on her own and by that time something fall on place of sitting and thus a big mishap was averted otherwise the old women head would be have been greatly injured. Sometimes when we we ignore others, they too get benefited.
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