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    Divide and rule- An old policy

    Divide and rule (Latin: Divide et impera) is an old technique to empower the ruler to control subjects or people who oppose the ruler or might be a big threat to the ruler in future. So, it's aimed to break their unity.

    Divide et impera is attributed to Philip II of Macedon and it was used by Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor.

    By this technique division is created among the people of the country through different sources by creating Misunderstanding, controversies, disputes based on sensitive issues like religion, caste, creed, ideology, language, region etc.

    Media, men, money, muscles are used to spread false propaganda, threaten the opponent groups, allure some factions and crush the protest or agitation respectively. Main opponents are harassed, intimidated and sometimes, are enmeshed in false cases.

    Thus common people forget the core issues and they begin to focus on useless ones instead.
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    Divide and rule is the policy of the British Kingdom. That is how they managed many nations.
    But these days many Indian politicians are using this policy for their existence. They try to create differences among the people by caste, religion, region and other irrelevant points. We see this clearly in times of elections. Many village people vote to the candidate based on his caste. There will be a top person for many castes in the villages. The people belonging to that caste in that village will go by the word of that man.
    I have seen this trend in some industries also by the management. If all the workers get united, they will try to take advantage of management. To avoid such a situation managements divides them and see that more than one union will be formed. One of such unions will always be favourable to the management and management plays all the tricks to see that they can get the things done the way they want to get it done.

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    By divide and rule policy the Britishers ensured their say in the process of administration by dividing people king and bringing in the stand off off or quarrel with the other on the petty issues and thus our Kings were lured with gold, money and women to which they succumbed easily and failed to rule the kingdom and eventually lost the faith and over the period of time the govt has abolished the kingdom itself. India could realize this knack of the Britishers and woke up only after the Quit India Movement initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi and thus greater awareness created across the country.
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    Many leaders know about this policy in much better ways and some of them even apply it in their political moves so that people are busy fighting with each other and they get advantage or mileage out of it. Society is composed of many groups differing in their culture, religion, heritage, and other such aspects and they will always be ready to fight with each other on any issue which touches the sentiments related to these areas. Since time immortal, kings, emperors, Britishers, today's leaders all had and are cashing these opportunities of divide and rule.
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    This is one of the policy used by world as we all are aware with that unity make a power and division is biggest weapon to break this power. It is not only for leader or other country but I feel it is in human nature.
    When we were in school many girls and boys have their own groups and when we all are with our group we do not feel fear for anything sometimes teacher also want to apply the same policy that is unity should be break by punishments like group students will not sit together , so I think this policy works every where even I also followed this policy in my home, when we want to children's to keep silence we separated them . Britishers took this policy because they want to rule over the India but our aim is quite different we don't want to rule anyone but just want to make discipline.

    Swati Sharma

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